Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Black Sheep of the Family............me.............no bloody way..............

Who’s the black sheep in your family?
Do you have a black sheep in the family?
I would say we don't have a black sheep in my family, however, I have heard my sister Sue call herself the black sheep of the family. I don't know why she does that because no one else thinks of her as a black sheep.
Yes there are times when Sue is the brunt of the family jokes but there are other times when it might me Sandra or my who is the brunt of the family jokes so it is not just Sue it can be anyone in a family depending on the circumstances.

I feel that Sue has a problem with self esteem and self image in that hers is in the toilet and that is a worry to all those who love her.
Our family is largish and close knit and we have a habit of bagging on each other at times, that doesn't make someone the black sheep it is all done with love and we all can give as good as we get.
When Sue was young she moved to Lemon Tree Passage with Rex the father of her children and the man she married and because she lived close to and hour away we didn't see her very often and she would often not be able to attend family functions due to the distance or not having money for petrol. 
 Sometimes I feel she felt like she was being excluded from family events but that wasn't the case sometimes something would happen on the spur of the moment and it was not like she could just drop everything and turn up at mum & dad's place in 10 minutes, as I said she lived a long way off and she had 3 then 4 children.
When she left Rex for a while she still lived in that area but then she returned to live in Newie being only 10 minutes or so drive away from mum and dad and there was a time when her and Kelli lived with mum and dad for a bit. Since returning to the area she has been included a lot more but still there have been times when she has felt everyone was against her.
Sue's thing was to get upset and storm off in a huff and if no one went after her she would think, “ I knew they didn't want me there” well I felt that was what she was thinking and not that she had over reacted to something or that no one was able to go off after her because on a couple of times we didn't even know she had left as she didn't tell anyone she was leaving.
I know I have never thought of myself as the black sheep of the family, I don't think my sisters Sandra & Jeannie have either but I could be wrong, Jeannie might have when she was younger and with Peter and Peter didn't like the family much so she didn't see us as often as she would had liked. Sandra had a rough few years as a teenager and she might have thought she was the black sheep during those years.
I am pretty sure Dave has never thought of himself as the black sheep, since he is Dave and he is mums favourite and is more likely to think the family revolves around him...................lol
I have three daughters and I hope none of them think of themselves as a black sheep because they are all wonder and special in their own way.
I also have a heap of wonderful nieces and nephews none of which are consider a black sheep, granted I am not real close to all of them but then they are no longer children they are adults with their own lives and I often don't get to see them very often but that doesn't make them any less important in my life and none could be called a black sheep.

However, I have to say if one is considered the black sheep of one's family is that a bad thing. I think not, it means you are different, you are your own person and it could mean you are part of family that doesn't like it when someone has their own mind and own thoughts and opinions on stuff. There are families in my opinion that don't like it when someone goes off and does things differently, or there may be some families who don't like someone's sexual preference but that is there problem not the individual who is a little different, different is not a bad thing and being different shouldn't make someone the black sheep of a family.


  1. There is no one in our family! Sue looks beautiful and smart. She can overcome any kind of difficulties. There is no need of telling her as a black sheep!

  2. I'm the black sheep of my family. It gives me excellent fodder for writing.


    1. Well if you are happy being the black sheep that is really good because as I said there is nothing wrong with being the black sheep of a family.

  3. A family makes up all types of sheep. Some may be white, black, purple, or rainbow. They are still.family.

    1. I want to be the rainbow sheep in my family so now I am going to call myself the rainbow sheep of the family......

  4. We have a really large family but I can't really say that anyone is the black sheep of the family.. I've never thought I was, mainly because I am grandma's favorite grandchild ha ha!

    1. I think if a person thinks they are the black sheep of a family it can be either in a good way or in a bad way but I usually think it is only in their eyes they are the black sheep as I said in the post

  5. I don't think our family has anyone that is considered a black sheep. We are pretty tolerant of each others differences and wouldn't consider it a bad or negative thing.



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