Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sunday's Ramblings

Do you ever feel like if it's not one thing it's another, I do, today I have woken up with a tight chest a blocked head and watery eyes and I keep sneezing and it is so annoying. How exciting for me.

Also I couldn't go for my walk today as it is raining and I didn't get to go yesterday because I slept in and when I got up I thought Kathy will be here soon better not go and it was a good thing I didn't because not long after I got up she arrived.

Yesterday was spent doing nothing much, I did do two loads of washing and pegged it out to dry and I ran the vacuum over the floor but that was about it, spent most of the day watching recorded programs on telly. Tim had to work so I was home alone for most of the day and it was very quiet here, I liked it.

Do you ever just sit in the quiet at home? Or do you turn on the telly or radio as soon as you get up? This morning it is quiet as I haven't bothered to turn on anything since getting out of bed, better for my now pounding head the quiet.

Kelli is still at her mums place she is staying there till Sue gets back from Queensland and we don't know when that will me she is staying till Kirsty has the baby or gets fed up with her mum and asks her to leave. So this house is really quiet.

Have you ever thought about writing a poison pen letter to someone, have you ever received such a letter? A number of years ago I received one no idea who from it was typed well done on a computer and of course no one signed it and I don't remember what it was about because I read it showed it to my daughters and then forgot about it till now and I have no idea why it popped into my head this morning it just did. Was I upset about it I think I was but not overly my daughters and other family members were more upset by it then me.

Have you ever had a love/hate relationship with someone, I did years ago but I no longer have anything to do with those people and my life is just fine if not better for not having anything more to do with them. However, at the time I was very happy they served a purpose being in my life when they did now I have moved on and no longer have the need or desire to have such people in my life.

Oh well that is enough from me for this post, I have bored you all enough with my non news or ramblings for today, I will be back either tomorrow to bore you some more or the next day because that is who I am Jo-Anne the boring, the rambling but the oh so adorable, yes I am sure some people find me adorable maybe not everyone but some and that is enough for me.

I like me and because I like me I know others out there like me and some even love me, but those people I am related to by blood except Tim he loves me and we are not blood relations as that would be disgusting and weird.


Shelly said...

You are doing well in liking yourself. That's such a great thing that too many people don't know how to do.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Took a while to get here

Rita said...

I decided I had the TV on too much--sometimes just for company--so now I don't turn it on until evening M-F. I've gotten so used to it that I often do it on the weekends, too, even though that's my time to catch up on recordings--LOL!

Never written a poison pen letter or hate letter. Can't say I've been in a love-hate relationship--but I've known in love and then out of love relationships a few times--LOL! ;)

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

It is nice no tv just quiet, never been in love then out of love that I can remember.

Cheryl said...

There was a time if the house was quiet, I needed the noise of the TV or stereo but now...most of the time I enjoy the quiet. I do find that I get bored if I have too much time alone without projects needing to be done.

I have never had a poison pen letter and it would upset me a lot.

I have had a lot of love/hate relationships...especially with family members. I want to be close with them but they are the type to be critical and want to fight about things.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Yes I used to always have the telly on for noise so the house didn't feel so quiet now I love the quiet. Yes a poison pen letter is upsetting thankfully when I got mine I was in a good place and it didn't upset me too much.

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