Sunday, 30 March 2014

This and That Again

Good afternoon all, what a day it has been, although been better then yesterday when I ended up having to go and have a nap at 1pm because I was so sick, by sick I mean a bloody awful headache and feeling yuck in the tummy and shaking so much. At first I thought it was because my BGL was low so I tested my blood and what did I find it wasn't low it was bloody high again it was 18.1. I had something to eat anyway as it had been hours since I had eaten but that didn't help so that was when I went to bed for a nap.

At the moment I am eating toasted ham and cheese sandwiches made by Kelli have to say she makes a damn good toasted sandwich. Tim is working again tonight he worked yesterday afternoon/night as well doing rail work.

Why is it in cartoons and television shows rainbows look so clear when in fact they are rarely that clear, usually they are kind of faded.

Today when they arrived Kelli comes in and runs a bath for Daemon as he throw up on the way here I of course went out and cleaned up the vomit from the car seat, because that is what I do clean up vomit.

Kelli and Daemon spent the last two nights, Friday & Saturday nights at Jessica's place Tim asked her if she could stay there last night because he didn't want to get up early and guess what he woke up early because the house was so quiet. I don't need a quiet house to sleep I usually go and have a lay down during the day and I leave the bedroom door open and still I can sleep with people coming in and out of the room and such.  


CWMartin said...

You've really had a time of it lately. I pray you start feeling better directly!

As for the rainbows, I'd say technology had to work up to making them look realistic.

Barb Pinion said...

Sorry you had such a rough spell. Hope you don't get sick again. It's the pits, I know. Thanks for stopping by my Just For Today blog. I have added a follow by email to it. Thanks for pointing that out to me. Have an awesome day.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Directly no, today I have woken up feeling like shit every part of my body aches and I am so tired so I think I have a touch of flu

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I have now gone and started following you via email, oh and thanks for dropping by I would love to say I am feeling much better but alas not the case in fact I feel like shit this morning aching all over and so bloody tired

Weekend-Windup said...

Pray god to get well soon. I too have a terrible headache!

Mynx said...

Feel better soon.. No fun being unwell. Hope you haven't caught something off of Daemon

Valerie said...

I hope you feel better soon!!!



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