Saturday, 29 March 2014

Use of Appliances

Good afternoon everyone, how do you use your some of your kitchen appliances such as the dishwasher. Do you use the rinse cycle on the dishwasher, when I first got mine we never ever used the rinse cycle but now that is different I use it not only every day I use it a couple of times during the day and it's great. I sometimes think what took me so long to learn how great the rinse cycle is I have a smoothie or milkshake a couple of times a day and it really rinses out the blender ready to be used again.

I have a clothes dryer but I don't use it often usually only when it is raining or when I am feeling unwell and not up to pegging the washing on the line. However, when I do use the dryer I use it on warm not hot, I know many people say that it is better to run it on hot but I prefer to use it on warm.

Now let's move onto the washing machine I only ever run the washing machine on cold, in fact I have never ever used hot water while washing this I get from my mum she also only ever uses cold water when she washes.

All of the above appliances are turned off and the plug pulled out when not in use, however there are some appliances I will not turn off at the point or pull the plug these are the computers and the televisions.

So how do you use your appliances do you turn them off at the point and pull the plug  


diane b said...

I admire the way you try to save electricity. I'm not so good. I use hot water in the wash machine and I don't pull the plugs out.

CWMartin said...

First, Laurie runs the dishwasher. I doubt I could figure out how to start it, let alone what to do with it.
The dryer, well, I think you are much like my mom would be about using the clothesline. Me? I turn a knob, I press a button. I fish clothes out of the dryer as needed until Laurie casts them out on my bed so she can use the machine.

Washing machine, much the same way. I couldn't tell you for sure what temp I wash at.

And unplug? Only if I tripped over the wire.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

My mum taught me to use cold water to wash the clothes in and that is all I have ever known too me a while to get use to pulling the plug now it is second nature

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Ok you sound like Tim, took him for ages to learn how to use this washing machine and the dishwasher well that's a lost cause pulling the plug well sometimes he remembers but mostly not.

whiteangel said...

Our dishwasher we don't unplug, it's always turned on ready to use and is used as intended.
Washing machine, cold water, after washing turn tap off and power at power point.
Dryer, not used a great deal due to where we live. Only used if nec. and then on warm, and used only to dry off clothes unless raining then used fully. Also turned off a power point when not in use.
TV's, are turned off but not at power point so they are on standby.
Computers we leave turned on at power point and only shut them down at night, laptops are only plugged into the wall turned on to keep batteries up to date.
We unplug all things expect fridge and modem when we go away.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Yeah I don't get unplugging things like the telly that gets used so much during the day, I didn't think I would unplug the dishwasher or microwave but I do it has become second nature to me to turn of the point and pull the plug

Cheryl said...

I do use the rinse on my dish washer from time to time because we don't put a lot into it and it only gets run every 3rd day or so. There are just the two of us and I wash our few dishes by hand usually.

As for the clothes washer. I use warm wash and cold rinse most of the time but on bright colors or blacks I use cold.

My washer and dryer are front loaders on pedestals so it would be hard to unplug them.

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