Monday, 24 February 2014

Leo's hair cut and me seeing red

Good afternoon all, how is everyone this afternoon, have you had a nice day?

What has everyone been doing today?

I have had a nice quiet day home answering letters then doing some blogging I will post this after I get home from picking Leo up from school, as I will have to leave in a few minutes.

Speaking of Leo last night Tim cut Leo's hair really short like a number 1 short, this pissed me off as I told him not to do it unless he spoke to Jessica first but he took no notice of me and did it anyway. He got half way through doing it and Leo didn't want him to do any more, Kelli had to go and sit with Leo and talk to him while Tim finished it off, I was too angry with Tim to do so. He then gave Leo 3 chocolates even though I had said nothing else he would be going to be in a few minutes.

So I ended up losing my temper with him and for the first time since she has been staying here Kelli heard me and Tim have a spat but we made up pretty much straight away. As Leo was getting upset seeing me and papa angry with each other.

I do not like fighting in front of children, in fact I have never liked it which is one of the reasons we don't fight, I generally can't see the point as when children are around they will get upset and that will upset me. Children need to be in a safe and happy environment.

This morning Tim asked me what Jessica said about Leo's hair I told him that she wasn't happy as she didn't think he needed a hair cut and she was angry that he didn't ask her before doing it, he shook his head and said he knows.

I just got back from going to pick Leo up from school but today while I was waiting Jessica turned up to get him, this would make Leo happy as he likes his mum to pick him up from school.


  1. The good thing about boy's hair is that it will grow out fast!

  2. Replies
    1. I don't know, he only took no notice of me because he was drunk

  3. The good thing about having a spat in front of children is that they can see you make up. Then they know that arguments aren't the end of the world.


    1. That is so true, I didn't like seeing Leo upset about it and neither did Tim which in fact helped Tim get over it faster.



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