Sunday, 18 October 2020

Just another week in my life


I woke around 6.15 but managed to lay in bed till 7am, when I got up I found Tasha in the kitchen preparing my breakfast. Tim helped me dress before he left for work.

Leo has been here since last night most kids would go home as soon as they woke up but not Leo.

A short chat to mum, she said Michelle & family cancelled and didn't visit her today.

Woke at 6am and got up before the alarm, opened the house and while having my morning wash Tasha arrived.

First day of term 4 of school

Been tired most of the day because I took a night time med in the morning silly me.

Managed to listen to music although there are songs I want to delete and add more.

Up with the alarm as usual, opened the house and was having a wash when Tasha arrived to help me get ready for the day.

After 30mins I was dripping in sweat again and it's not hot at all.

Tim home at 1.45 and he came home in a mood, he snapped at me when I asked for help so I told him to get stuffed. He later snapped at Tasha while sorting out her CTP.

His excuse, he works 6 days a week, I said she works 7 days a week caring for me, my point is he isn't alone.

Tasha looked at me at 3pm and said you look like a zombie as in being so tired I was dead on my feet.

I woke with the alarm, I was dreaming about Kelli other than that I remember nothing about the dream.

I feel not right, my head feels like it's too heavy for my body. It is also kinda foggy just not right.

Not a hot day either but I am of course sweating.

It's Sandy's birthday I sent her a text wishing her happy birthday.

Tim home around 2pm another early day and he is in a better mood today.

Tasha giving me a shower as I have an appointment with the podiatrist tomorrow.

Woke as Tim was leaving for work but dosed off again till the alarm went off.

The men to install the new ceiling fan arrived at 7.15, they left at 8.30ish it looks good just different.

Went to see the podiatrist that went well, I don't go back till January.

Received the ambo bill $466.16, I went online and filled out the exemption form as we Ambulance cover.

Leo spent last night here again, I got up 6.15am as usual.

David messaged and asked if I was going to see Dad, I said no, he said he would pick me up so I said I would see him then.

Very windy this morning and a few drops of rain if the weather stays like this things may change.

Jess helped me get dressed to go out. Except for my shoes that I thought I could on my own, which I did it only took 20 minutes to do.

I had lunch with them at mum's then Dave & Leigh drove me home. It was a struggle to change my clothes when I got home.

Mum still rang this afternoon, we chatted for 40 minutes.

A later start to the day it was 7.15 when I woke up, made myself food and Kathy arrived at 9 to give me a shower.

Jess working today, seen Leo for a bit but he went home to do whatever.

Had to ring the chemist to arrange for Leo's meds so Tasha could get them.

Tim installing Jess's air con today doing most on his own.

Had to call for Leo to help adjust the speed of the new fan as it was difficult to reach.

It is 3.30 and I am exhausted so think I want to just lay down and listen to my book.


Rita said...

You manage to have busy days every day. I hope it doesn't get really hot this summer for you if you are sweating already. So nice you have people to help you. And sweet Leo. :)

Nancy Chan said...

You are blessed with family members who are able to help you and see to your needs. For the past 2 days, the weather here is also very warm. Take care and stay safe.

CWMartin said...

I too work six days and my son seven. The best help to me for letting it get to you is, first remember God said, six days shall you labor- and how many people through history have had it much worse. Second, don't hang onto the day's little annoyances but give them to God to carry.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Jo-Anne,
You are lucky for having a podiatrist nearby it seems. We have to drive over four hours for the nearest one!
Miss that as I had such a good one in The Netherlands.
Regular pedicure is not comparable...
Good grief, for having erroneously taken your night time med in the morning...
Tim might feel over-worked at times but indeed, he's not the only one. But that is only human.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Rita..........Yes I get that, Leo is supeer sweet

Nancy.........Yes I am

Chris.......My Nan used to say before you go to bed ask God to take your little worries and annoyances into his care

Mareitte...........Mine is only 10 mins away and free as well . It was a silsly thing to do

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...


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