Sunday, 19 May 2019

The week that was No:20

Another Sunday and that means the start of another week that was post. I woke up feeling sick so didn't go out.

This Sunday it is Mother's Day and I received bath stuff off Natasha and a book off Kathy-Lee and from Jessica gave me a new laptop and a new mobile phone.

Leo bought his mum something from the Mother's Day stall at school but Blain didn't get his mum anything.

Tim had someone ring about the car (Falcon)first he was going to come look at it but then said he was too far away, after some back and forward he said he would give Tim what he wanted and would arrange for someone to come and pick it up. I said NO that is suss and most likely a scam.

Monday I woke up feel ok much better then yesterday Leo was dropped off at 6.45am along with a pair of gloves Jessica made for me, however, they are a bit small or too tight. I said I may be able to wear them in.

After dropping Leo off we had to go and look at Jess's place for her house key which she couldn't find she thought it had fallen off her key-chain. We didn't find it so she said she would call in and get the spare key, of course as she was getting out of the car she found it in her pocket.

I then went to aqua after getting home, I had eggs for breakfast and I throw a load of clothes in the washing machine before vacuuming the loungeroom.

Tim hand someone else ring about the car and this person was only 20 minutes away and came with his wife to look at it ask questions took it for a test drive. After some discussion they agreed on a price. So things look good but we will see.

Tuesday Tim asked Natasha to wash the bathroom floor which she did, for some reason was blaming Leo saying that he had pissed on the floor. I do not believe he did that.

Tim has been on the phone about the sale of the Falcon

Wednesday saw me wake up tired, but I still went to aqua, still no idea what is going on with the Falcon, Tim said the guy will be here tomorrow afternoon to get it.

Thursday morning, afternoon and night has passed and guess what the Falcon is still

Friday is shopping day and I like shopping day, getting out of the house, spending money, looking around shops, running people over while on mobility scooter. I also like seeing my mum on Friday morning.
Jess and I called in at the school and dropped off a Webster Pack, while there Jess asked for Leo to be told that he had to walk home alone.

However they didn't tell him and he was waiting outside the post office till 3.30pm, when someone in the office realised they hadn't passed on the message and rang Jess and she said to check outside the post office. Where they found him waiting for his friend. I am so pissed off.

Guess what the Falcon has now been sold and is gone at last.

Saturday morning Jess had to call in to get dressed for work. We had to vote, Tim drove down to the school I took the walker and a lady handing out pamphlets came and asked if I would like someone to bring the forms to me so I didn't have to struggle in to the voting area.

Then we went to the RTA as the guy who bought the Falcon finely took it, so Tim had to do the notice of disposal.

We then went to Officeworks so I could have the stuff we need for Leo's high school application printed.

Leo came with us. He also went out with Papa this afternoon, over to my parents house to get something.

Well now it is time to post this and start another week that was post.


Rick Watson said...

It wears me out reading about your week.

CWMartin said...

I read where your elections had an upset winner! Once again, polls prove to be something to make talking heads look smart when they don't know jack.

Nancy Chan said...

Sounds like a busy week. Good to know that the Falcon is finally sold. Wish you a happy week.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Rick.....Wears me out too

Chris....Yes the polls got it so wrong

Nancy....Yes it does sound busy

Katie Isabella said...

I had no idea Leo was old enough to go to high school! He was a small boy when I first "met" you! How old is Blain?

Thank goodness about the Falcon! YES!

I eat eggs for brekkie too quite often when I am not having oatmeal. Then I head out up to the park and walk as fast as I can. Then I look like I joined you for aqua, as I sweat like I really mean it. I have to change out all my clothes when I come home. I walk fast so I generate heat. And it is very humid and quite warm.

sattakingplaybazaar said...

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