Monday, 2 July 2018

Did you know No:19

Good morning everyone, damn it is cold this morning, yes I have the heater on as well as my dressing gown. I will be going to my aqua class after I take Leo to school and you can bet the water will be cold, I think in the cold months they should heat the water but they don't.

Jessica just dropped Leo off and said he had a slight temperature and to check he doesn't have one before I take him to school.

Here is this weeks five did you know facts.

The record for milk production from one cow is 11,756 gallons in one year, bloody hell that's a lot

Each king in a deck of cars represents a great king from history, Spades is King David, Hearts is Emperor Charlemagne, Clubs is Alexander the Great and Diamonds is Julius Caesar.

Summer on Uranus lasts for 21 years and so does winter, bloody hell.............

The deepest point in the sea is the Mariana Trench off Guam in the Pacific Ocean, it is nearly seven miles deep.

If you could shoot a gun at the sun it would take 20 years for the bullet to get there.


Margaret-whiteangel said...

They are interesting and the one of the sun is amazing.

Marg said...

Those are some unusual facts but fun to see.What happens after the 21 years of summer??? Thanks for the smiles.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Margaret.............I agree

Marg.............Maybe there is only Summer and Winter nothing in between

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