Monday, 9 April 2018

Did you know No:11

Good morning Monday, I have given myself a shake (easy when you have a tremor) and a mental slap and told myself that in order to not get too busy and forget to do a post, I have to do a post before I read other blogs, so that is the plan from this day forward. Forward not back because I cannot go backwards, trust me if you saw me trying to walk backwards you would crack up, just saying.

Anyway since it is Monday that means it is Did you know day, so here are today's useless facts.

Joseph Haydn's Toy Symphony contains parts for actual toys to play, how they play I do not know

The first living creature to orbit the Earth was a Husky named Laika, she was sent into space by Russia in 1957 aboard Sputnik 11

You can't buy chewing gum at Disney World
In one morning back in 1996, Bill Gates mad
e 2 billion dollars, what the hell......................

In 1997 he made around $12 every second of the day..........(bastard)

Since 1984 I have made $0 each and every day, although till around 2009 I was working long days into the night, taking care of my husband and children and grandsons, since 2009 I have slowed down but I still do all the housework, shopping and still take Leo to and from school more or less like when I say all I mean 99% of the time, Tim does do things at times but I do not expect him to do stuff that is my job.


  1. There is probably no gum sold at Disneyland - because they don't want the kids to stick it all over everything!

  2. Not fond of seeing people chew chewing gum, they look like cows chewing their cud :) just saying.

    1. I know and people who spit gum on the ground really piss me off

  3. So that's how Disney keeps from having gum stuck to everything! (And then I rolled up to see that I was the third repeat, oh well). I was just telling a girl that back when I was a security guard in a union shop I had to check the nozzles of the fire extinguishers as some cretins liked to clog them with gum, so I quite understand their point.

    1. Yeah some people are disgusting and do not know how to dispose of it


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