Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Question Tuesday

Ok all have a question for everyone comes from some questions I saw on Lauren's blog,which can be found here for all those who have not discovered her already: http://www.lotfortyeightblog.com

The question is: How often do you doodle?

My answer, pretty often,usually when I am on the phone, if I have a a magazine or note near me I like to colour in the circles in letters like O or the O in a P that type of thing, I also like to draw around the edges on envelopes and such, that is my type of doodling.

I think pretty much everyone likes to doodle when they are on the phone especially if you are on hold, so tell me your style of doodling.


  1. Used to once but not so often at all these days.

  2. I start with simple, repetitive designs... if it goes on long enough, I might actually draw a face or a beagle.


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