Saturday, 10 September 2016

31 Today, Happy Birthday Precious

On this day 31 years ago, at 3.50am my beautiful, precious daughter Kathy-Lee was born weighing 5lb 13oz it was a Tuesday and after she was born all I wanted to do was sleep so her dad held her for a bloody long time and she spent the whole time looking at him into his eyes, this formed a strong bond between the two.

Kathy has always preferred her dad over me, there has been many times in her life that I felt she didn't need me or want me around. Kathy and I have clashed a lot over the years she stills says I kicked her out of home when she was 18, for the record I DID NOT. However, when she was 18 she started thinking about moving out of home and thus started applying for rental places one of which was her first flat in Charlestown.

She came with me to the property inspection she said she liked it and so I filled in the application form and handed it in for her and when she got it I spent the whole first day laying carpet in the kitchen/ lounge-room area, it wasn't new carpet it was an of cut bit I found in a bin at the back of a carpet store they did and at times still do toss out off cuts.

I also stayed there while her dad moved furniture in for her along with my parents and my sister Sue, thinking about it now was Tim there I think he was but not sure, not important I guess. I left when she got home from work, her first car was one that I had which I gave to her. I do not remember why she moved from that flat other then she wanted a change, but not important.

I remember when she was in 1st class at school I used to walk her to and from school most days and let her dad take the car to work, well this one day I pick her up and we get out the front of the school and she didn't want to walk home and threw a tantrum, I knelt and told her calmly we had to walk as I did not have a car she spat in my face, so what did I do I slapped her face. I then spent the rest of the day and next few days worrying that one of the other parents would report me to Docs ( Department of Children Services) for slapping her face, no one did and she never spat in my face again.

As a child she gave me a lot of worry because she acted like she hated her youngest sister Jessica she often threaten to kill Jessica and told me I couldn't always be there to protect Jessica so I could never leave the two of them alone. She often told Jessica she was adopted and not really part of the family.

Today they get on really well it only took 20 odd

A few years back sitting here in my lounge-room me and my girls were talking about how children will say they hate their mother or father and I said to Kathy how she would often tell me she hated me but I knew she didn't mean it and she doesn't hate me to which she replied “there are times when I really do hate you mother” that hurt it still hurts when I think about it she was no longer a child having a tantrum but a 26 year old mother herself.

As a mother Kathy rocks, she is amazing, she is one to interact with her children each and every day, she plays with her children to the point that for a while they didn't know how to play alone without mummy that has changed but often they still prefer mummy to play games with them and entertain and amuse them. This of course can be frustrating for Kathy when she wants them to amuse themselves while she cooks tea or does the laundry or other housework.

Kathy-Lee is in a serious long term relationship with Michael with who she has a daughter Summer, she is happy and Michael is a good man, he loves and treats her eldest daughter Sydney-May as his own daughter and Sydney-May loves Michael like a second daddy.

All in all her father and I are super proud of Kathy-Lee she has grown into a wonderful woman a loving and caring mother and daughter who is there for us when we need her, she has been helping me with my grocery shopping on Friday's do I need her help yes and no do I like her help yes, do I enjoy her company sure do. I also enjoy seeing Summer on the Friday.



diane b said...

The ups and downs of parenting. Good to hear all is well now.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Jo-Anne!

Happy birthday to your wonderful daughter Kathy-Lee! Thank you for sharing memories of Kathy-Lee though the years. In spite of the rough patches encountered along the way, common to most families, your girl became a fine woman, wife and mother!

Stephanie said...

So much love in this post. Happy Birthday to your baby.

Cheryl said...

What cute pictures. Kathy, Michael and your granddaughters are all such good looking people. More than that, they look happy.

I hope you are past any of the friction you have had in the past.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yes many ups and downs

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yes she has grown into a woman a parent can be proud of

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Thank you I do love all my girls

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Thankfully me and Kathy have not had any problems in a number of years now and get along much better

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