Monday, 6 January 2014

Scared for ones life

Word of the day Scared: To strike with sudden fear; alarm, To become frightened

Do you get scared?

Have you ever been so scared you feared for your life?

I am lucky to be able to say at 51 I have never felt that scared. I have tried to imagine what I would be like to be that scared , to fear for my life or even the life of one of my love ones.

However, I decided to a survey of my family to see if anyone has been so scared they feared for their lives and found out a members of my family have felt that scared.

I knew my sister Sue was scared she would die a number of years ago when she was terrorised by the son of a man she was seeing.

My sister Sandra also felt that scared a couple of times the first time was when she cut her wrist and the seconded time was when she was in a car accident and rolled her car 5 times..

However there were a few other family members who felt scared like that at times, my mum said she remembers when her and dad & me where in a car accident when I was only a few weeks old, she was scared not for herself but for me as I hit my head when the car started to roll.

There are others who have felt afraid as well at times, how most of the family say they fear more for their children's lives and that I so get as a parent I have at times feared for my daughters lives. I once was afraid for Natasha that I laid in bed at night praying for someone to come along and save her by getting her away from those she was mixed up with. My prayer was answered but that will be another post I think.


Ramblingon said...

I have feared for my life several times and once was when I was but 7 years old. My aunt had sent me out "for a ride"with a boy friend of hers who took me to the woods! I whined, begged to go home, whined some more..begged, asked, whined until he finally took me back to her place. Scared the hair off my head...still does. The Lord watches over us.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Oh what a terrible experience at such a young age

Bouncin Barb said...

When Kali was diagnosed with cancer and they had to remove a kidney. The tumor was the size of a grapefruit in her 8 month old body. I was terrified but kept it inside.

diane b said...

I'm was scared when doctors thought TOH had a brain tumour. It was sarcoidosis of the brain membrane which is still pretty scary as it is not curable but kept under control with drugs.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Yeah I get this so many of us keep these things that scare us inside

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

When we hear the word tumour or cancer many of us get bloody well scared

Janie Junebug said...

I lived in fear for many years. Most of my fears are gone now. I also feared my daughter was going to be very sick and perhaps die when she was 18. Fortunately, the doctor who diagnosed her was wrong. She was ill, but not as sick as he thought she was.


Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Well it is good the doctor was wrong, I can't imagine living in fear for years

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