Monday, 20 January 2014

Is it hot or what....................oh and a little about housing

Is it hot or what, so hot that I have been feeling drained due to the heat, today I don't feel like doing much of anything. I did however go out and get Tim’s medication and went and bought myself a new pair of joggers, not the joggers I wanted but a pair I can wear till I am able to find the ones I want. Why do I need new joggers, well I will tell you I have started going for a walk of a morning after I get up and on Saturday the first day I went out of the walk my old joggers started to hurt my foot, the problem was with the right shoe.

Anyway I removed a hard bit at the back of the shoe and thought it was all good, well I was wrong yesterday I went for a walk again and my foot hurt so much that I ended up having to take my shoes off and walk home in my socks. So this morning off to the shop I went to buy new joggers and of course I couldn't find the ones I wanted, so I just got a cheap pair to do me till I can find the ones I want.

 Oh yeah I did go for a walk this morning but I didn't wear joggers I wore another pair of shoes I have but still by the time I got home my foot was hurting and I had a blister that burst and now I just have one sore foot. Tomorrow I might have to give the walk a miss and let the foot heal for a couple of days.

For some reason yesterday I was so tired that I had to go and have a nap at 11am because I just couldn't concentrate and found myself just sitting and looking at the screen and no words happening so that is why there was  no blog post yesterday it just wasn't happening.

Jessica has at last taken the forms in to Compass Housing to try and get a transfer, now we just have to wait till the process the forms and see what they have to say, fingers crossed it all goes well for her.

On the topic of housing, Kelli and Jono have started looking for a rental places for themselves and of course their boys Blain & Daemon. Of course looking and finding somewhere can be two different things.  This afternoon Kelli & Jono have gone to pick up a bedroom suit and put it into storage ready for when they have their own place again.

Anyway as I started to say it is bloody hot here still, temps in the mid to high 30’s and the air conditioners are going all day and half the night but it could be worse we could not have air conditioning.


whiteangel said...

You are good going for a walk, do hope your foot gets better as blisters and shoes don't mix as you know.
Cooled off a bit here, going to be about 26 deg C tomorrow a change from above 30..
Hope everyone finds a house. I believe the bonds can be a killer.
My dad has an apartment he rents, or I do it is more like it through an Agent, so I kind of know..
Keep cool with your A/C.

Shelly said...

Good for you for walking, but I hope your foot heals quickly. Shoes can do so much- either good or bad. And I hope you have some relief from the heat soon~

Janie Junebug said...

It's chilly here, but not cold. My walking shoes rub against my heels and give me blisters. I wrap my heels with gauze before walking. I hope you find the perfect shoe.


Bouncin Barb said...

There's nothing worse than a sore foot! Let it heal before you start walking again. Sorry it's so hot. It's actually a bit chilly here lately so not much beach time and I'm miserable about it! Hopefully tomorrow before it goes much colder again. Crazy weather! Xx

Juli said...

That's pretty toasty. Tomorrow's temp is expected to be 14 F (-10 C) with a blizzard warning. Good times.

Cheryl said...

I am an avid walker and will tell you to try to find a really good pair of shoes. You will have all kinds of problems unless you wear proper walking shoes.

Having hot weather sounds rather nice from here. We are at 17 degrees fahrenheit here which is -8 C there.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

The foot is feeling much better today, I hope to be able to go for a walk again maybe tomorrow or Friday I am not going to rush it I want it to be completely healed before I go again.

Yes the bond is a killer when you rent privately the Dept of Housing helps with the bond but only half of what you need upfront can come via the Dept of Housing.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

The foot is healing nicely, I told Tim I would like to go and buy a good pair of shoes but will make do with the cheap one I bought the other day.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

It is very muggy here now but it is better than the stinking hot days we had, my mum told me she will take me to get good shoes but first we have to find the money.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I am letting the foot heal completely before I go for a walk again, it is nice here today, muggy and sticky but nice much cooler

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I can't imagine what it would be like to live somewhere that gets blizzard warnings, today is much cooler only around 26°C

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

When I told Tim I wanted a good pair he grumbled about the cost but when I pointed out the last good pair I had lasted me 5 years

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