Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Birthday Bro

So today is the birthday of my baby brother David he is now 35, like how did that happen it doesn't sound that long ago that I was walking the floor with him trying to get him to sleep while mum drove dad to work.

Now Dave has always been a mummy’s boy and mum’s favourite you may think this would cause a problem for him with his sisters but you would be wrong, we all just accept it for what it is. Dad’s favourite is Sandra so it is all good but we are not talking about Sandra are we.

As a child was a right so and so partly because he was a spoilt little brat at times, and I remember saying to mum once if he spoke to any other adult the way he spoke to me he would get into trouble but because I was his sister he got away with it.

Dave live at home till he met Leigh, he was happy living at home avbnd we use to joke that he would never leave home.

Dave is now married to Leigh and they have a daughter together Liarna and Dave is also Dawson’s father and step dad to Kayla (Leigh’s daughter).

You know when Dave was a little boy he was indeed “little” as in short and mum and dad thought about giving him growth hormones to help him grow, thankfully they didn't do so as when he was a teenager he shot up and is now around 5’10” I think, what I know is that he towers over me and more so Jeannie who is only 4’7”…………………….lol


  1. Replies
    1. 5' 10" and they were thinking growth hormone shots? Jeezy Pete. My parents probably thought about EUTHANIZING me!

  2. Happy Birthday to your brother, Jo-Anne.

  3. Dave is only two years older than Favorite Young Man, who was raised quite strictly and is 6'4". We never considered giving him growth hormones. Dave seems to have turned out well.


  4. It's understandable as to why he was spoiled as a kid. Happy Birthday to your brother!!

  5. Hope your brother has a great birthday.



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