Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Volcano Tour

On our second full day here in New Zealand we went on a tour of White Island this is an active volcano here in New Zealand and what a bloody good tour it was I would highly recommend it to

The trip wasn't without it's dramas though for me on the way over there I got sea sick and throw up this happened just as we arrived at the island. Tim was worried I would fall over while on the tour as I forgot to pack my joggers and only had my semi-flat sandals but I didn't fall didn't even stumble during the walk, although Tim did stumble a few times and I said as much to him back on the boat for the trip back to the mainland he wasn’t

When we got back to the boat another passenger gave me a couple of sea sickness tables and they helped a lot as I didn't get sea sick on the way back. However I was sitting out the back but it got to cold, wet through the water splashing over the sides Tim was with me and he got up and went inside a minute latter I stood up to join him and the boat was rocked really hard by a big wave and I was thrown off my feet backwards hitting my head pretty hard I also hit my right elbow and bit my tongue hard. There was no blood but I was dazed, the boat's crew were fantastic and very worried about me, I was given an ice pack for my head and wet facecloth for my forehead this happened about 45 minutes before we docked and I was very tired but Tim kept making sure I didn't fall asleep. Yes it was suggested that I go to A & E but I didn't want to buy the time we docked I was feeling better, the skipper pulled me aside and wanted to check I was ok. They of course filled out an incident report.

After the tour we headed to Rotorua were we are staying for 2 nights on arriving we found out we had been upgraded to a two bedroom unit as there is road work right out the front of the 1 bedroom units. This unit is great and it has a large spa bath which I used pretty much as soon as we arrived and it felt great to lay in the hot water. We are staying at Brylin Motel in Rotorua and I would recommend this place as well............


  1. My parents were in Rotorua and loved it just as you all did.

    Your tongue looks like it still should hurt! Please be careful- I'm glad Tim is taking care of you so well. Enjoy the rest of your great trip!

  2. Wow--it looks and sounds so amazing. Those rocks!

  3. Great pics (other than your tongue)!

  4. Boats can make me quesy also. Neat volcanos

  5. Well this day doesn't sound very great at all, what with the sickness and all, but lovely photos!



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