Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Arriving and Sky Tower

First up I want to say to everyone who left comments about my birthday dissapointment I just haven't had time to reply to them all, please forgive me..........

Moving on well we are now in New Zealand yesterday I was up at 3am and Leigh arrived soon  after we left home by 3.30am and arrived at the airport by 6.30am. Little Leo woke up before we left and got upset because he wanted to come with us and was afraid we weren't coming back although Jessica said he settled down again ok. We were a couple of hours early at the airport but I would rather be early then running late.

Both Tim and I were feeling excited and nervous but mostly excited, the flight was good no dramas, after arriving Tim picked up our hire car and we set out to find the motel well that took us over 3 hours back and forth from Auckland turns out the woman at the travel agency put the wrong address on the paper work and by the time we got to the right place after going to a couple of wrong places I was stuffed. Neither of us had eaten since breakfast,Tim just wanted to find the motel and didn't want to stop till we did, in the end we didn't have tea/dinner I did have some salt and vinger chips and a can of Southen Comfort and Cola. I was pleased the motel had a spa bath in our room and the first thing I did was run myseld a bath.........

To add to the dramas of yesterday Tim realised that he lost his mobile phone, he thinks he forgot to pick it up when we went through customs, we will get someone back home to ring the airport/customs and try and find out if it was left there..........not holding out a lot of hope but no harm in asking......

Day two after a great nights sleep we went to Skytower in Auckland after there we went and bought a GPS so no more getting lost.........lol

We had no trouble finding this motel and it is really nice also has a spa bath and free internet, we went for a drive around the town and bought Subway for tea yes we are both cheap at times but when you are not really hungry why pay more for a meal you may not eat all off.


  1. Despite the little hiccup with the hotel it sounds like you're having a great time :). Can't wait to read more about your adventure.

  2. How wonderful- I'm sure it's gorgeous there. Hope Tim finds his phone- you never know, and it could end up back with you. Continue having a blast!

  3. Have fun and take care. Hope Tim gets his phone back.

  4. How wonderful you are there. Sounds like you are already having plenty of aventures and the photos are great.

  5. You got there ok....have a wonderful time as I am sure you will...take care.

  6. Glad the flight was uneventful. Pity about taking a long time to find the hotel, and I hope Tim gets reunited with his mobile phone! Have a really super time and don't worry too much about us just now.



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