Friday, 9 December 2011

A Wonderful Mother

What does it take to me a good mother? Do you think you are a good mother?

I am a lucky woman as I have one of the most amazing mothers ever she is always there for us and always lets us know that she loves her children and that she is proud of us. I have always said if I am as half the mother that my mother is then I know I have done a good job with my children.

Now I know there are some terrible mothers out there, such as my nephew Dawson's mother I often feel like she not a great mother but then she didn't great mother so maybe that has something to do with why she is the way she is with Dawson. I can not imagine telling my child that I wish I had never had them, or yelling and swearing at them instead of telling them that they are loved and wanted and that they make my life complete.

I have three beautiful daughter's who are all mothers and I feel that they are fantastic mothers and I hope they know that I am proud of the mothers they are........


  1. What a wonderfully, loving post! It's a tribute not only to your own much loved Mother and your daughters, but to yourself, as well, Jo-Anne since you really have a heart of gold! Such a warm, caring, loving, deeply committed and loyal Mother, daughter and grandmother yourself. Your family are blessed to have you in their lives.

  2. Mothers are special and it isn't an easy job sometimes as my daughter is finding out even though I think she is doing a great job. A lovely tribute to your mother and daughters.

  3. A terrific post. I hope Dawson's mother wakes up and realizes her son needs her to be a real mother to him.

  4. Hi Jo-Anne. I love posts like this. A beautiful tribute to your dear mum, and you have obviously inherited all her loving characteristics, because we all know what a lovely mum and Nana you are. As you say, I suppose Dawson's mum hasn't had that example to follow, which is so sad. I feel for little children that are shouted at like that. I was blessed with my dear mum as well, and I wish she was still here with me today.

  5. Lovely Jo-Anne, mother's are special people and it's lovely to read such a sweet post about how you feel..

  6. Desiree.....Thank you for your kind words I do try to be as good a mother as my own mother is.

    Diane.....Yes being a mother is one of the hardest job in the world but it is also one of the most rewarding

    Shelly.....I do not think Dawson's mother will ever change which is upsetting but at least he has his nanna......(my mum) who is always there for him.

    Thisisme.....I feel for Dawson a lot of the time it was only the other night that he rang his nanna from his mothers house crying because he was fighting with his mum again and couldn't even go to bed as she had taken his bed apart why I do not know but she did.....
    he wanted to know if he could ring his "daddy" and Dawson is 12 now and hasn't called Dave daddy in years which just shows how upset he was......

    Whiteangel.......I do not know how I will cope when I do not have my mother she is so special and is not just my mum but my best friend

  7. Such a beautiful post, Jo-Anne. I miss my mom.


  8. Lola........I do not want to think about the time when I lose my mother so I feel for you

    LindyLou....Thank you


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