Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Why oh why will he not use the toilet

We love out Little Leo but he is really driving his mother and nanna crazy we are at the pulling our hair out stage............................the cause of our frustration is in lack of interest in being taught how to go to the toilet.

Yesterday Jessica left him on the toilet and instead of doing his business in the toilet while she walked down stairs for something he got off the toilet and went into her bedroom and climbed into her wardrobe and did a poo in the corner of the wardrobe and then a pee next to the poo.............

The level of anger and frustration Jessica felt when she saw it was very high, how did she find out well Leo goes down stairs and tells her that he pooed and pee and when she asked in the toilet he goes no in the cupboard.............she goes upstairs and follows the smell to she found where he did it......................he then got a smack bum and was made to clean it up himself she then rang me in tears wanting to know why he would do such a thing and of course I had no answer.............


  1. It's not easy, is it, and they say that little boys always take longer to toilet train than little girls. Eli was three, but, thankfully,he is very good now and even goes to the toilet by himself. It really is so frustrating though. I can imagine that Jessica must have felt pretty annoyed yesterday! :(

  2. It was days like that as a nanny that I was incredibly glad I had none of my own. There really is no dang good reason except that they get used to standing, squatting with their diaper on and the position of sitting on the toilet isn't a comfortable one for them to push. It's ridiculous but true. It's all a matter of each kids individual timing and readiness. I wish there was a rhyme or reasons to it but there isn't. Good luck...I know it is hard.

  3. I think it is very true - it is the matter of the particular child and when they are ready. It won't happen until they want it to and it saves on the frustration for the Mom/caregiver if you just let the kid go at his own pace.

    As my Mom always said "Well, you never saw a kindergartener in diapers did you?" Nope, never have. :)

    I don't think there is a way, a method or a magic wand to make it happen. Time will work it all out.

    Best keep an eye on that cheeky Leo for the time being tho'. heehee

  4. Hi Thisisme........Yes I have heard that boys are harder to toilet train then girls and as frustrating as it is for us I keep telling Jes that he will do it when he is ready and all the yelling in the world will not change that........

    Jewels.....Yes I think he finds it easier to just go in his nappy and even when we put him in undies he would still just go in the undies....

    Skippy....I have said that to Jes that you don't see kids going to school in nappies but she is convinced that he will be starting school still in a pull up.....

  5. I can believe this is not an easy situation. Best is to take the pressure of both of them and keep Leo in his nappy for now. Getting upset about it will only aggravate matters. Jessica needs to relax a bit for now and try again in a couple of weeks time. Make it "fun" by offering a small reward for each successful use of the potty. A nice colourful chart logging his successes that Leo can put stars on and when he has e.g. 5 stars, he can get a favourite treat. He needs to be taught with gentle encouragement that using the toilet is a good thing. She could even point out why it's good to be able to flush his faeces away. Point out flies on dog faeces, then show him pictures of what flies do and explain that they spread nasty bugs that give people upset tummies. Ir something along those lines, in a simple, yet educational way that makes him realise he's being treated like a "big boy" now and is no longer a baby. He needs to understand that it's something good to be growing up. That he can stay up 5 minutes later at bedtime, for example, or choose his own books at the library to be read to him before bed.

  6. Oooh. That's pretty deliberate behavior....

  7. My son was 3 1/2 before he even became interested, but I must say that he never went anywhere else. That's pretty frustrating. Hope it gets better. My son just decided he was finally ready and he's only had one accident since - when he was playing and didn't want to stop, of course. Other than that he's doing great! Be patient and it will happen when you least expect it.

  8. As long as he's not doing it at the Senior Prom, you're probably okay.

  9. Desiree..........I think the most important thing Jes can do at this stage is to stop stressing over it as it isn't helping but she is not one to be told at times.....I do like what you said about the flies though and will talk to her about that if she will listen.....

    Green Girl.....Yes it was

    Jenn........I feel that Leo will just decide one day to do it

    Al....You crack me up


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