Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My Christmas Day

Yesterday I spent the day doing nothing much except watching telly and searching for my camera which Leo had lost, this morning I was taking rubbish out to the bin and what do I see laying in the yard but my camera, I have been able to get the photos taken on Christmas Day from it but it will not take photos now as it got wet last night and the night before yes it was outside for two night........so now I will be asking hubby for a new camera I do not know what he will say about it somehow it will end up being my fault that the camera was left outside......................................

So here are a few photos of my Christmas Day.................


  1. how lovely everyone looked to be enjoying themselves

  2. too bad about the camera - maybe leo's mom should be on the hook for a new one... doesn't hurt to ask her.

    looks like everyone was having a great day.

  3. bad news about the camera. have you tried drying it out with a hair drier. Ask at a camera shop if it can be repaired cheaper than buying a new one...probably not these days. it looks like Christmas was fun with the children. They always make Christmas more fun, I think.

  4. I hope your camera dries out and starts working again. Glad you had a lovely Christmas day despite a lost camera

  5. Oh no!I hope that you are able to get a new camera even if its a really cheap one to take simple photos.

    BTW did you not receive a Christmas card from me?

  6. That sucks about your camera! Hope hubs caves and gets you a new one soon!
    Looks like you had a great Christmas and now I wish you a Happy New year my friend.

  7. Hope everyone had fun. Sure looks it. Maybe it will be ok after it dries out.

  8. That looks like so much fun :0)

    I hope everything will work with the camera.

  9. Hi Jo-Anne. Thanks for sharing your Christmas photos with us. Lovely to see the little ones! Sorry to hear about your camera - hopefully it might be okay when it dries out completely.

  10. Hi Becca......Yes everyone seemed to have a good day.

    Hi Teresa.....Yes I thought about asking Jes to replace the camera and I think if she can afford it she would replace it......

    Hi Diane.....I don't own a hair dryer but I have taken the batteries out and left it to dry out I will replace the batteries in a few days and see what happens........yes Christmas is always more fun when there are young children around.

    Hi Mynx.....Yes I am hoping it works after it has dryed out, Christmas Day was great.

    Hi Bubbles.........No I haven't recieved a Christmas card from you as yet. I will be happy with any camera as I do like to take photos of my family and other things often.

    Hi Craziness.....I will be bringing up about the camera in a few weeks I will let him get over the expense of Chrismas first...

    Hi Barb.....Yes it was a great day everyone seemed to have a good day and like their presents......

    Hi Lola......Me too

    Hi Elisabeth......I love watching the kids open their presents

    Hi Thisisme..........I can only hope everyone liked seeing my family enjoying Christmas

  11. Sorry to hear about the camera....it's the same here...everything is Moms fault! Ugh!
    Blessings, Joanne


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