Monday, 28 March 2011


On Friday Natasha went and got 4 new tattoos they are the first 3 letters of her great grandparents and grandparents names along with their date of birth and in the case of her great grandfather his date of death. Well the grandparents on my side of the family at this stage she is only thinking about getting her father's mothers name done.
The tattoos are on either side of her ankles.

She has said that she has no desire to have her dad's fathers name on her body since he is the one who told Tim that he wasn't his son and to "F" off and not come back.
She is not as close to her dad's family partly I think because she doesn't see them anywhere near as much as she has done my family.

Natasha is a very loving and caring girl or should I say woman as she is wonderful young woman now and I am so very proud of her.


  1. That is a very nice gesture in their memories. I like that.

  2. That is an interesting idea. Her grandfather died on my mum's birthday and Flo was my mum's name. Coincidence !

  3. Hi Diane

    Thanks for dropping by it is a coincidence isn't it. Natasha is a very emotional girl


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