Saturday, 12 March 2011

One Eye Down One to Go

Yesterday was the day my sister had her first eye operated on and as far as I know it all went well no dramas she is due to get the other eye done in May but thankfully that will be done at a puplic hospital so won't cost as much.

My dad was really pissed that only my children and hubby along with my other sister Sue gave any money towards the operation. It must have been upsetting for Jeannie to think that her kids couldn't be bothered to help pay for an operation that she had to have. Dad had a go at one of her boys yesterday and all he could say was that he didn't have any money, but dad felt he had money to go into town and party but not to help his mother out.

Yesterday afternoon my daughter Kathy-Lee saw her Aunty Jeannie sitting at a bus stop looking sad so she stoped and asked if she was ok and Jeannie broke down crying saying she just felt depressed and her eye was iching and when she cried it only seemed to make it worse. Kathy said she hated seeing Jeannie so upset and wished she could have done more to make her feel better.

I am very proud of my girls and yes I know I have said it before but I do not think it can be said to often.............

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  1. I am pleased to read the you and your family helped your sister.
    You have a very kind heart Jo-Anne, it shows.
    Hope your sister's other eye operation goes well.


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