Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I love fake flowers and have 3 sitting on top of my entertainment unit all given to me by my special girl and I have a lovely rose that sit across the top of my dressing table and lastly I have smiley face one that sits at the top of my lounge room curtain rod. All have been given to me by my special girl.

Now I do also like fresh flowers but rarely get them and when I do it is from my special girl, hubby never gives me flowers because when we first started dating I was going though a phase when I felt that fresh flowers died and didn't like them, however that was like 28 years ago and my feelings have changed but can I get that through to hubby...............NO

My favourite flower is Carnations follwered by Roses and they have to be pink or yellow or both. Although of all the fake flowers I have 3 of them are Red...........................


  1. I love flowers too and my hubby doesn't believe in spending money on something that is going to die. You are lucky to have a special girl.

  2. i love fresh flowers too. my son and family gave me some very unusual flowers recently. they were white and i have no idea what they were. they didn't last very long but i enjoyed them whilst they did. it's such a pleasure to receive flowers just because. they gave me some gorgeous bulbs in flower a couple of mother's days ago. they kept flowering until recently.

  3. Hi Diane

    Yep I am lucky to have my special girl willing to buy me flowers.

    Hi Yevisha

    It is a pleasure to have some nice fresh flowers around.

  4. Flowers in the house of any kind are lovely.
    Fresh flowers are sometimes expensive depends on what kind is bought as you would know. I hope that one day you get your wish of fresh flowers given to your by your husband. You deserve that.


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