Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Yesterday and Today

Last night Jessica went over to a friends house to have a few drinks for her birthday and she stayed out for the night.I of course watched Leo for the night.

He was a good boy although since he didn't get to have a nap until 5pm so he was awake after 2 hours, I let him play till 8.30pm when I put him back to bed and thankfully he was sleep again in about 10 minutes.

On Sunday my niece Heather was taken to hospital suffering a bad asthma attack and if thats not bad enough the attack brought on premature labour. She is due on the 4th August, well I spoke to her this morning and she said she was fine and bubs was fine the labour pains hadn't came back so she was going home.

As usual I have Blain for the night but I am getting fed up with Natasha bringing him over early I said I would have him one night per week not all day and all night but she can't seem to get it that I don't want him here to early I will have to keep at her.

At least I have Jessica here and she is such a big help with the boys I don't know how I would cope without her.........


  1. you do so much for your girls. i hope they appreciate you. :)

  2. You love your children and grandchildren. Should be more mums and grandmother's like you, Jo-Anne. Sometimes our children don't think we need a little time-out for ourselves.

  3. I owe it to my mum who taught me how to be a mum by being a top mum herself.


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