Thursday, 25 June 2009

A Bit of this and a bit of that

Went to the dental clinic yesterday and have to go back on the 29th July for a filling a bloody long wait but at least the pain has eased off some as long as I don't chew on that side.

Going to suggest to hubby that we go out Saturday night to celebrate having the house to ourselves at last.

Yesterday we went out and bought a new Fridge, Washing Machine and Dish Washer all of which gets delivered tomorrow sometime. I am hoping hubby can take our washing machine over to Tasha's place this afternoon, yes we are now giving it to her as I feel if I have to continue to do anyone's washing would prefer it to be Jes and Leo's, compared to doing it for Tasha, Lucas, Blain and Rhyder.

This afternoon I have watched Charlie Wilson's War at last and now I am starting to watch Mamma Mia hopefully now I will get the chance to watch a few movies.


  1. Good for you Jo Ann. Enjoy your new found freedom before they all come back or give you baby sitting duties.

  2. it's all good Jo-Anne. some time to yourself sounds exactly what you need. catch up with stuff. relax. enjoy. Fran

  3. I bet your kitchen looks good now Jo-Anne, and it's good to read that you can do things you want to do for a change. Time for you.

  4. Hi All

    Yes it feels good to have time for myself, it is nice to have some new stuff in the kitchen.


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