Sunday, 14 June 2009

Oh my Head..............................................

I am one sick mummy at the moment it hit me Friday afternoon and I am now really feeling like shit. I can hardly breath and have had moments when I felt like chopping my head off.......but then I would be

Tim is also sick he sounded awful yesterday but is sounding better today unlike me if anything I am worse today then yesterday.

Everything seems to hard today I just don't want to do anything go anywhere or see anybody.


  1. Hello Jo-Anne,
    Sure hope you are feeling a little better today, also Tim. Look after yourself :)

  2. Thanks Margret still feel terrible but hopefully tomorrow will be better.

  3. Go to bed and sleep it off. Hope you fell better soon.

  4. well i hope you feel better soon. i went to wallaroo to visit with my sister and lost my voice. a bit chesty too. don't feel very sick though. it's amazing how much sickness is around atm. feel better. Fran


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