Monday, 20 April 2009

This post should have been written on Tuesday or Wednesday but I haven’t felt like doing much of anything still don’t as I now have the flu.

Anyway my dad was operated on, on Tuesday all went well they removed the top half of his right lung and of cause is still in hospital. He has been recovering well although he is in a bit of pain he did have an epidural in but it has came out this happened the last time he had an operation. Now he is just being given tablets for the pain but he is still complaining to mum about the pain, he won’t complain much to anyone else.

On Wednesday he had some idiot physio come round and clamped his drainage tube, which cause his face to swell up when the nurse discovered this after my mum went and told a nurse that his face was swollen. The nurse got a doctor who got another doctor and in the end told him he would be ok after a few days. His face is full of air and when you push on it you can hear it pop like rice bubbles pop.


  1. Thats awful what the physio did to your dad....I tell you - in an ideal world we would have someone stand guard over our loved ones when they are in hospital....even just to catch the doctors and get the 'correct' story - its like chinese whispers. My dad had stuff stolen when he broke his hip, then the mixed up stories were unbelievable....
    Hope he is doing better!

  2. What a bloody idiot....Glad to hear that your dad will be ok though...

  3. you probably have the flu coz you are run down and worrying about your dad. i hope the pain is more manageable soon for him. awful about the physiotherapist. makes you wonder

  4. Hi All

    Mum had to ring 000 for dad early this morning he was in so much pain and couldn't breath. After being seen he is being sent home again this time with morphine tablets. He is still suffering from what the physio did.


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