Saturday, 18 April 2009

Just some stuff

We have new carpet at long last they came and replaced it on Thursday and it looks good it is now blue naturally it's the cheap stuff that the Dept of Housing lays but at least it looks good. We have only been nagging them for 5 years.

We also went out and bought a new lounge today it's not a good one only $200 from Fantastic Furniture and it folds down into a double bed it's one of the click clack ones. We will be saving up for recliners now and will get them when all the kids have moved out and don't look like coming after a few months.

Now we just have to get our dinning table out of storage so we can have somewhere to eat at again.

Also today we took the old dining suite over to Tasha's place along with a microwave we had in storage which was Jessica's but she gave it to her sister.

This morning I went shopping with mum before she went over to see dad and because she wasn't there at 9am dad rang her twice wanting to know where she was and she had to remind him that visiting doesn't start till 10.30am and since he is no longer in a private room she wasn't able to go over early.


diane said...

That must make you feel good to have a new carpet and lounge.Does it feel soft to walk on. They put rubber under now and it feels good.

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

Hi Diane

Yes it does feel good to walk on and the house just has a fresh feel about it now.

Anonymous said...

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