Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Bad News and Not so Bad News

Thank goodness for a stomach pain was all I could think when mum told me the news this afternoon.

What news is that you are asking well dad went to see is specialist today and he was told if they hadn't found the cancer when they did he would have been dead in 6 to 12 months..........

He was also told if the cancer had spread he would only have had about 18 months and that is with chemotherapy..........

The good news is that after he has his operation next Tuesday he should have at least 5 years but I know my dad and he will be around a lot longer then that.

So I am very glad he had such bad stomach pain that he had to go to emergency that night. As dad hasn't had any symptoms and would have been unaware he had lung cancer until it was to late to do anything. I believe the stomach pain was someone's way of getting him off to the hospital.


  1. Well that is hopeful news. I hope he can battle on for long time yet.

  2. Someone is definitely watching over your dad then Jo-anne...I`m pleased to hear this good news for your sake...It`s very hard to lose a parent...

  3. Hi Diane and Mandy

    It is good news and I know my dad will be ok we are all thinking positive.

  4. Jo-Anne, It's good your dad had a warning, so many people don't. My mother didn't. I wish your dad well, and I am glad to read there is a very positive response from you. Happy Easter to all of you.

  5. Jo-Anne, seems to have been a positive outcome from the trip to emergency.
    Interesting that the pain was in the abdominal region!!
    You and the family are in my thoughts at this time. Wishing your Dad every success with the surgery and a speedy recovery

  6. Hi Chez

    Thanks for that I am still worried about dad but like him I try not to show it.

    Mum said he has been having trouble sleeping and has been having dreams about his surgery and they wake him up.

    How have you been since hearing about dad I have been thinking about you as you haven't posted a blog since January and I have been wondering how you are doing.

    Be good if you can let us know.



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