Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday

Today as we all know is Good Friday and although I am not an overly religious person I do not believe in eating meat on Good Friday but my darling daughters are not so inclined.

Tasha walked in at lunch time with Lucas both eating a pie when I said something Lucas tried to tell me that I had chicken last Easter. I wonder if he ever listens to the rubbish that comes out of his mouth.

Anyway the next thing I know Kathy is here complain she is hungry and I say find something to eat as long as it isn't meat and I could tell by the look on the face that she had already eaten meat today. Now to Jessica she wanted me to go to the fish and chip shop for her but I said no I didn't want to go out so she went out herself and came back with KFC.

I said nothing but I was thinking it is one day a year how hard is it not to have any meat for this one day. I guess I just have to accept that they are adults now and I can not control what they eat any more.


  1. It must be disappointing for you but you are right they have to decide for themselves what they believe in. Maybe next year invite them for lunch and prepare fish or buy them fish and chips. Have a happy weekend.

  2. my mother never let us eat meat on good friday. nowadays i do. Fran

  3. Usually I am like you Jo-anne..One day a year where it`s fish for Good Friday but as i`m not functioning well these past few days I let the kids fend for themselves in the food department..And yep they ate meat...

  4. hi Joanne..I am afraid that I do eat meat on good friday..glad to hear news about your dad. how goes the house hunting? are we still looking for the girls



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