Monday, 22 October 2007

Tim working in yard

Last night Tim was going on and on about the awning he is putting up out the back well not exactly putting more repairing and replacing as part of it blew down in a storm 3 years ago. It has taken him this long to get around to doing it.

Anyway he went on and on about finishing it off today and how much did he do well he manage to go and get the rest of the wood. He told me about 4 times last night he was going to call in sick and finish it off when he said it I thought to myself believe it when I see it. It didn't happen he went to work as usual. I hope it doesn't take him months to finish it.

When it comes to doing work around the yard it takes Tim forever to do it anything even mowing the yard. He will say I work hard all week so we can get out of debt and I have to grit my teeth so I don't come back with something like who got us into debt in the first place...

I also asked him last night about lending Jessica some money to buy a laptop and all he would say is we will talk about it tomorrow (meaning today) and didn't do that either. He had better say yes as he lent money to both his other daughters.

Above is a picture of how Tim likes to spend his time off work.


  1. Hello Jo-Anne, Come on Tim will get around to it eventually, when you sell the house everything will be done..and you will never enjoy in people to do his job that costs money and then you may see some changes....

    I hope he lends Jessica money for a laptop, especially if he did it for the other two....

    Take care

  2. Hey Elle we rent so can't sell I know he will do it sometime,someday...hahaha

  3. Hi Jo-Anne,

    If you rent wouldn't it be the owner that should be doing the repairs? I'm not making excuses for Tim but owners are responsible for repairs to the house.

    Re the laptop I'm with you on that one for the same reason that Elle said.

    Have a great day.




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