Saturday, 27 October 2007

Sue's Car

People who have had something to drink should never drive even if it has been a few hours since your last drink, especially if you are also tired. Another thing if you are affected by drink and fatigue do not take your eyes of the road at all.

Now you may be wondering why what is the point of this well I'm going to tell you.

This morning at around 3am my darling sister Sue smashed her car up and wrote it off..........

This happened because she was affected by the above and I have to say that I am very SORRY SIS that I wasn't more supportive this morning at 5am when you rang me looking for a ride to Raymond Terrace but I was very tired and couldn't keep my eyes opened, I didn't hear Jessica come home so had no idea if I had a car or not(yes I know I said I had no car) but really I just didn't know and I just wanted to sleep.

After I went back to sleep I had bad dreams about you and Heather dieing and this was upsetting to me as you both mean so much to me. I love you sis more then you know.

Tomorrow is your 38th birthday and it makes me upset to think that you may not have been here to celebrate it.


  1. Oh dear...Not a good combination at all....I can honestly say I have never done that and I hope never will....Too many people , especially innocent victims are the ones that end up being hurt (or worse)....Glad to hear that your sis is ok and who knows this may be the wake up call that was needed....

  2. Yes Mandy we are all hoping this will teach her a hard earned lesson and she doesn't do it again.

  3. kim.hoskin@bigpond.comSaturday, October 27, 2007

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  4. where did THAT come from.....sorry Jo-Anne would you mind deleting my email address

  5. Hello Jo-Anne,
    Oh goodness me your sister was naughty and also very lucky that she is ok.
    I do hope she has a lovely birthday.
    Take care,
    Margaret (jmbd)

  6. Thats sad Jo-Anne......unfortunately my sister (39) drives sometimes when she shouldnt be so I know where you are coming from......

  7. Hi Jo-Anne,

    Life is so precious. Thankfully Sue has only suffered car damage and not damage to her life.

    Let's hope that it's a wake up call



  8. Hi ther Jo-Anne. I got your comment on my BS blog. Thought I'd just let you know in case you haven't fornd lonz's blog over here.

    Lonz is at Lonz's BlogSpot


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  10. Whoops. Sorry, I made a typo in the URL. I'll try again, and this time I'll also type out the link as well.

    Lonz at BlogSpot

    Lonz --

  11. I have recently completed a Drink Driving course having been a naughty boy in 2002. I've been without a drivers License since and am just about to get it back (I wasn't disqualified for all that time, I was just lazy getting around to reapplying)

    In the course it was made abundantly clear that many people drive to work the following morning after a night out, and though they don't realise it, they are still over the limit!

    A P plate driver or anyone with a z-license can only drive with a 0% BAC. These people cannot afford to drive AT ALL the next day. They will still most certainly have a BAC greater than 0%.

    Just a bit of important trivia.

  12. Hello Jo-Anne, I am glad your sister is fine, shame about the car.

    I hope she has learnt her lesson.

    Take care

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