Friday, 9 November 2018

No More Driving For Me

Well as you all noticed I didn't do a post yesterday, I was just in a slump yesterday I felt really down the reason was because yesterday morning after dropping Leo off at school I had to see my GP to get my yearly medical form filled in so I can continue to drive.

Well he wouldn't fill it in saying I really shouldn't be driving so that left me feeling depressed, Tim and some other family members say it will be ok that either Tim or Tasha will drive me around. I wonder how long it will take till they start complaining about driving me places.

I go to my aqua class twice a week and to Charlestown Square once a week, Natasha had already said she will take Leo to and from school but next year Natasha wants to do a course at Glendale Tafe she wants to get qualified in home care to enable her to be better able to care for me.

This morning Leo said when I drove him to school, why can't I drive him and just not tell anyone. I had to explain to him that isn't possible.

I don't know why but last night when I went to bed I felt like I couldn't breath when I laid down this frightened Leo and he got Tasha who came and checked my BGL it was good but I was sweating even though it was cold so she turned the air con on in the bedroom and helped me get my Cpap mask on and told me to concentrate on my breathing.

I did manage to go to sleep but I had a restless night waking a lot, I hope I sleep better tonight.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Jo-Anne - sorry about this ... so difficult for you all - good luck at sorting things out ... take care - cheers Hilary

Chatty Crone said...

Why no driving? I hope you feel better today.

Margaret-whiteangel said...

I'm sorry to read you are not permitted to drive anymore - probably for the best Jo-Anne, but I reckon you feel as if your independence has been taken away.
Good luck, take care and I do hope you get a nice sleep tonight.

Rita said...

Hard to give up your independence, but sounds like iy is for the best. You don't want to be a danger to yourself or others.

You're lucky you have people who want to help. I hope your breathing is better now.

Joanne said...

Awww Jo-Anne, I am sorry. It was hard when my Mother-in Law had to stop driving. I hope you feel better and that your family can drive you without complaining.
Blessings, Joanne

diane b said...

Sorry to hear this.

Rick Watson said...

I would be down too. I was climbing the walls after my surgery when I couldn’t drive for two weeks.
Take care of yourself. How old is Leo. He would probably love to drive you around.

CWMartin said...

On the one hand, I am amazed you have to get driving privaledges from your GP, but it is a good idea. Here, we'd be better if it had to be approved by the Police chief...

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Hilary...........It will take some getting use to

Chatty............Because my reaction time is slow and my concentration poor

Margaret..........Yes that is how I feel and I wonder how I am going to get places

Rita..............I know it is for the best but how am I to get to my aqua class and over to my mums early on Tuesday morning

Joanne............Yeah I can see my family complaining about driving me places


Rick...........Leo is 10 and has ADHD & ODD yes he loves to help his nana

Christ........If a person has certain medical conditions like diabetes they need to have a medical review done every year around their birthday

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