Monday, 26 November 2018

Did you know No: 29

Good morning blogland, how is everyone on this fine, not yet warm Monday morning?

Guess who has woken up in a good mood and I am not talking about Leo.

I had an average run of the mill weekend, yesterday morning Natasha came to borrow/take and keep & not return an item and ended up cleaning out my linen press and the space behind the front door and part of my room. She ended up being here for an hour.

Then Kathy-Lee and her girls turned up and stayed for about 4 hours, while she was here she ran the vacuum over the lounge room floor but that was all she did, I was going to get her help with the Christmas decorations but I wasn't able to find my double sided tape, I will have another look for it today.

Speaking of decorations I need to get Natasha to clean the front class doors ready for me to add some decorations to them.

Now for some did you know random facts.

Our hearts pump about 40 million gallons of blood in a lifetime (no idea what that is in litres) but it is a bloody lot, I think you need to multiply by 3.7 to get litres.

Your heart could fill a swimming pool in about 25 days if you had enough blood to spare (which you don't)

At any one time your body contains just a little more than one gallon of blood or 3.78541 litres.

If you stand under an oak tree, you are much more likely to be struck by lighting, this has something to do with how deep their roots go into the ground making a better electrical ground.

The US post office once issued a postage stamp which showed Christopher Columbus using a telescope, however the telescope wasn't invented in 1492


diane b said...

Glad your daughters are helping you (a little).

Rita said...

Glad for nice visits and a little help. :)

Margaret-whiteangel said...

Wonderful to read that your daughters are helping you Jo-Anne. Bless them.
Good facts.

Nancy Chan said...

So good of your daughters to help out. We all must take good care of our hearts. Thanks for the interesting facts.

CWMartin said...

I grew up in a yard with Oak trees all over in back, maples in front, never had a lightning strike on either. Oaks do shed a lot more branches, though...

Chatty Crone said...

I do enjoy your interesting facts. I learn something new all the time.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Diane......A little help is better then no help at all

Rita.......Yes it was nice

Margaret.....Thank you, glad you liked the facts

Nancy........I do have good daughters pleased you liked th facts

Chris........I wouldn't know an Oak tree if it was in front of me

Chatty........I am glad you like them

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