Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Just some Lego at Dreamworld


  1. Amazing Jo-Anne what one can do with LEGO.

  2. I saw those at Legoland in FLorida - cool right?

  3. Dear Jo-Anne, thanks for sharing these photographs from the Lego exhibit. I am always awed by the creativity that we humans display and have displayed down through the many thousands of years we walked this planet. I so hope and pray that soon we will accept the creativity of those who warn us about global warming and tell us what we can do and those who warn us about violence and offer us solutions. By the way, my niece is taking me to the March 24 march. I'm so happy she will do so. She feels as strongly as I do about the violence that weapons can bring into our life. Peace.

    1. I do not understand why people think violence solves anything, there are far too many dangerous and deadly weapons in the world

  4. Those are just amazing results of the Lego stuff. Well done.

  5. I like these, used to enjoy lego with my kids.


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