Monday, 12 March 2018

Did you know No:8

Good morning Monday going to be a pretty warm Monday temp around 28°c, other then my aqua class I have no plans for the day, but let's be honest here I rarely have plans for the day, I will take Leo to school go to be aqua class then home to do nothing for the rest of the day.

Anyway since it is Monday that means it is did you know day.

There is an estimated ten billions tons of gold in the oceans, however, the ratio is one part gold to over 83 million parts water, so it is quite difficult to collect.

In Spain the word for hot is “caliente” in France it is “chaud” and in Italy it's “caldo” thus the hot water taps are marked it a “C”. This might be confusing for some foreigners.

King Henry V once held a Christmas feast that included carps' tongues, flowers in jelly and roasted dolphin. Talk about yuck................

One person in five alive today is Chinese

The readers of “Batman Comic” were once given the chance to vote on whether Robin survived being blown up by The Joker. The vote was close but the hard-hearted readers voted to kill off the Boy Wonder.


  1. Interesting.
    Was 30 degC yesterday down here..

  2. So he killed off Robin? I didn't know that! Or some of the other facts, either. :)

  3. Note: The Robin killed was the second Robin, his character was written as a real a-hole, he has since been "ressurected " and is an even bigger one. The first Robin couldn't fit in the green panties anymore and became Nightwing, and the new Robin is brighter than all of them. Of course in the comics world, give them six months and they change it all again, because its easier to play what if with old stories than change old plots.

    1. I knew none of that as I am not a comic person


Photo Thursday

Hello everyone, here we at this lovely Thursday, didn't do a post yesterday, why you wonder, well I went to my aqua class as usual...