Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Last day in Qld

Here I am at the end of our last day in Queensland and yet again I am exhausted and my feet are very swollen and all I want to do is sleep which I will do soon. I have had a long shower and feel fresher but it doesn't help my swollen feet.

I love Jessica but she has been giving me a headache recently with her complaining about stuff, her and Leo wanted to head home today but since we have paid for the night we are staying the night. We will leave early in the morning and Jessica wants to pack up a lot of stuff tonight that she can do if she wants to.

This morning we went back to Dreamworld so I could get some souvenirs then we went to Skypoint tower to check out the view and then back to the van to do nothing.   


  1. Doesn't sound like things are going too well. Bummer. :(

  2. Dear Jo-Anne, I hope that once you are home and rested--it always takes about a week for me to re-enter life after a vacation--you will be able to sort through all your memories of the trip and find the one that gives you the most satisfaction and joy. Peace.

  3. Despite the headache and the swollen feet, I hope you had a chance to really enjoy your vacation.


Photo Thursday

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