Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Indestructible Creatures No 2

Ok it is Tuesday so I guess that means it is indestructible creatures day, today's creature is:

The scorpion, ok most of us know they can be dangerous but did you know that they have been around for around 400 million years, like how the hell do they know that. They live in most parts of the world but are especially good at surviving in deserts, deserts not desserts just saying.

Deserts are know for being stinking bloody hot during the day and oh so bloody cold at night and scorpions don't care they can survive a huge range of temperatures from -47.2°c (-53°f) till as hot as45°c (113°f).

Also they can live for up to a year without food, what the hell is with that. When they do catch some prey they eat a lot. They can slow their bodies down, so that they use up the food very slowly, they get all the water they need from what they eat and they don't poo much because they use every bit of their food to give them energy.

If a scorpion stings itself it isn't affected by its own venom, however, it can sting and kill another scorpion of a different species, they do often hunt and eat each other. Who knew..........not me........ 


  1. So the other day we had BBC's Planet Earth on in the background as we did other things. I look over and a scorp is rolling down a sand dune in the desert. About 10 minutes later, I look and there's a dung beetle rolling down the sand dune. Another ten minutes, and it's a spider trying to hang on to dinner as he rolled down the dune. I wonder if they took bets...

  2. Never seen one in person...kinda happy about that.

  3. Interesting post Jo-Anne.
    We have had scorpions in this house mainly in the children's bedrooms some years ago when there was bush behind us, but of course that's all gone now and houses have taken hold. So haven't seen one for some years. I think the ones we had were not too bad but would give a nasty bite however, but we never were bitten.

    1. I would not like to see one in a child's house

  4. When I was a kid vacationing in Florida one climbed up the picnic table my dad and I were sitting at on the beach and walked down the middle of the table with its curled stabby looking tail. Neither of us moved a muscle. It was light colored--kind of tan. Kind of pretty in its own way. But I didn't move a muscle. It walked down to the end of the picnic table and over the edge and my dad and I got up and backed away from the table. Watched it walk off into the brush...from a safe distance.

  5. I cannot imagine how far I'd jump or loud I'd scream if I ever saw one of those.

  6. I had a tiny one in my bed one time when I was little. Didn't like that one bit. Luckily saw it before it had a chance to sting me! They certainly sound pretty hardy!


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