Saturday, 15 July 2017

Me and walking and no weight loss

Good morning, no Friday post this week as I just had no time in the morning and when I got home I was in so much pain from being on my feet all morning I just wanted to cry so I sat and did nothing but rested my leg.

While I was shopping I had a light bulb moment about my weight, more to the point why I am not losing weight as I thought I would. While on the cruise I said I wanted to loss up to 30 kilos by the end of the year but have not lost anything as yet although I have not gained any either. Anyway yesterday while I was struggling to put one foot in front of the other and often sliding my right foot as it was too painful to lift it, I thought this is the reason I can't lose weight, I cannot walk.

So I told Tim last night that was my thinking and he said nothing just looked at me with a look that said “so” and I said more and he said nothing but then this morning he said to me that he thinks the exercises I am doing each morning are doing nothing and that I should start walking up and down the driveway and I said I cannot walk and I wondered what part of not walking does he not understand. I don't want to walk up and down the driveway that would involve walking past the neighbours who would want me to stop and talk and I do not want that.

If I could walk I would go for a walk but I can't, I cannot walk from the lounge room to the toilet without a great deal of pain and sometimes not without my cane. I am doing the best I can but nothing I do is good enough........


  1. Hey it is hard to lose weight withoug exercise - so not gaining was great!

  2. Is there a place where you can swim? Exercising in the water is much easier on your aches and pains.


  3. Swimming is a great idea. Unless you're like me and wouldn't be caught dead in a swimsuit or around other people in a pool. Ha! There are exercises you can do using the power of your arms. I've seen people who cannot walk lose weight from doing these. It's rigorous but it gets your heart rate up enough. They even have arm cycles! Just do a Google search and you'll find all sorts of exercises that will raise your heart rate.

  4. I know how my weight acts when I don't walk. If you are holding steady, you are doing something right. I think swimming would be an excellent idea.

  5. I am also struggling to lose weight. The walking helps by not gaining weight. I don't lose weight because I sit too much. I think swimming is a good idea because you wouldn't be suffering so much pain and also you get to exercise your whole body parts.

  6. What Chris said about swimming. Very low impact on the joints.

  7. I agree with everyone about the swimming. As for the working out. Do you feel like you feel better when you workout than when you don't? Don't base everything on weight loss. Focus on how you feel. Maybe you feel like you have more energy the days you workout? The healing yoga that you've been talking about in the other posts sounds awesome. :)


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