Friday, 3 March 2017

Five Things Friday

Hello Friday here is this weeks five things:


32kgs up 3kgs (in 6 mths)

135cms up 17cms (in 6mths)

Blood pressure 112/62

Medication no change needed at this time

So as you may have told I took Leo to his 6 monthly appointment with his paediatrician for the first time the appointment was held at the (JHH)John Hunter Hospital children’s apartment it used to be held at the old Wallsend Hospital's Kaleidoscope Unit but the JHH is closer to me so I am ok with the appointment being held there. 


  1. I love this picture of Leo. As my grandma would say, "He's growing like a weed."

  2. Wish I had his blood pressure.

  3. That is a really good blood pressure - better than mine :)

    1. Well you would expect a child to have good blood pressure

  4. Great 5 things, so glad Leo is doing well.

  5. That is a nice picture. I agree with you, Jo-Anne...children's blood pressure should be good. It's later in life that it becomes erratic.


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