Saturday, 11 February 2017

Port Macquarie Day 2

Well here I am at the end of day two of our holiday in Port Macquarie and can say it has been another stinking hot day, I am sitting here in front of a fan that is blowing warm air around and suffering due to the heat. I told Tim and the girls that I am not going to go away in the van again during the hot summer months until we get air conditioning in the van as I cannot handle this heat. Tim is going to look into getting air conditioning fitted in the next few months.

I have another stinking headache which is due to the heat, last night I suffered so much that I ended up sleeping in my knickers and bra and will be doing it again tonight as it is just so hot, Kathy told me to wet my hair before going to bed which I tried last night by my hair dried in no time.

This morning Tim's old school friend Mark came for a visit he was here about an hour, he lives 30-40ks away, he is Tim's oldest friend and Tim likes catching up with him in person they keep in tough via email most of the time.

We then went into town and bought a few things including a new Sim card for the WiFi device and after a lot of hassle managed to get it activated but when I tried to recharge it, I kept getting a message that the credit card details were wrong so I tired a different card and it timed out so I just gave up.

I had to pay the $6 to connect to the parks WiFi in order to activate the new Sim card so I told Tim tomorrow I will just pay the $6 again and get online and update things since Sunday we will be home again and I will have the house internet.

At least the fridge is working a bit better, not great in my opinion but better. The TV reception comes and goes but I am not bothered by that, this morning I wrote letters to my pen pals and still have one left to do which I will do tomorrow while Tim goes fishing.

At the moment Tim is sitting outside with his eyes closed so might be having a nap. The temp is still 33°c here down a bit was 41°c earlier today. It is 5.30pm by the way.


Rick Watson said...

I used to love the heat but the older I get the more it saps me. My wife Jilda is no fan of heat either. When we tell people this they say, Then why the hell do you live in Alabama in summer?

Empty Nester said...

I'm right there with you on the heat. We haven't had much of a winter again this year and I am already dreading spring and summer. The heat and I simply do not get along.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Tim finds as he gets older the heat is more likely to affect him at 20 he felt the hotter the better at 56 not so much

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

The older I get the more the heat drains me I am ready for winter

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