Thursday, 23 February 2017

In the news this week

Iceland's president wants to ban pineapple of pizza, what the hell I like a good Hawaiian pizza it is a very popular pizza here down under. Also popular down under is beetroot on hamburgers, just saying.

Julie Bishop says there is goodwill between Australia and the States but like any politician she doesn't say much uses a lot of words to say bugga all, she meet with the Vice President and Secretary of State, I wished they had asked her if she was happy meeting them and not the big cheese but they didn't. I call him the big cheese because his skin colour often looks like the colour of cheese and of course mice like to nibble at cheese.

NASA has found seven new plants around a sun named TRAPPIST-1 and say that three of them could sustain life they are 40 light years from Earth so who knows we may not be alone, wouldn't come as a surprise to me if we are not but who knows, not me that's for sure.

There was a lot of talk about the Fair Work Commission getting set to announce the fate of penalty rates for hospitality and retail workers, it looks like the Sunday rate will go from double time to time & ½ or time and ¾ this is good news for employers not such good news for employees. The argument was made that the double time on Sunday was introduced at a time when people usually attended church on a Sunday and now not so much.

Also this morning they talked about self-serve checkouts and how so many people steal from the shops using them and I can see how easy it is to do that, usually if the person has a lot of items but what is frustrating is when you scan and item you place it in the bagging area and because it is a light object it doesn't recognised the item and you have to get someone to come and fix the problem. I often use the self-serve checkouts they are faster and if I only have a few items there isn't a problem.

Also in the news this week is the news that cannabis and cannabis oil has been legalised for people with diseases such as epilepsy, HIV and cancer about bloody time my brother and sister have said at times that they wonder if cannabis would help me with the tremors, not something I am interested in trying at this stage in my life.


  1. That's a nice catch on the Iceland deal. I would never ban something like that but I certainly see his point and would imprison anyone who'd try and slip me one!

    I did know about the planet thing, but haven't had the chance to in-depth it yet. If the sun is Trappist-1, does that mean all life forms there would be monks?

    I remember when the steering wheel plant I guarded at lost triple time on sundays and most of their double-time Saturdays. You never saw so many people selling Snap-on Tool chests, rental houses, trampolines...

    Having once been a user, I can't imagine that any benefit from MJ would be more than short term...

    1. Many Aussies like their pineapple on pizza, what I didn't get for many years was plain cheese pizza I do now but for a long time thought it was strange.

      Many people are upset about the changes to the wages but it could be worse I guess but so many people fought hard to get penalty rates and now people want to take them away

  2. Yea for cannabis oil. I swear by that stuff.

    1. I have heard it can be good but know bugga all about it

  3. I saw that story about pineapple on pizzas, too and I would think that President of Iceland could find things far more important to worry about. I think a lot of people like Hawaiian pizza and what harm does it do?

    As for cannabis and cannabis oil...I think there are many medicinal benefits to it's use but I think people need to recognize it's not a miracle drug. My sister in law had heard about some uses to treat leukemia and decided to try that instead of chemotherapy. By the time she realized she was getting worse, it was too late for conventional treatments and she died within weeks.



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