Thursday, 12 January 2017

In the news today

In the news this morning is a story about a ride at Movieworld breaking down and people needing to be rescued, not good but no one was hurt which is the most important thing.

Of course Donald Trump was in the news yet again, after his first speech since winning the election and anyone hearing him people were saying he sounded like the idiot he is others were shocked that he didn't say and sound more like a president should, what the hell if the man came out and said and acted like a president should people would be saying what happened to Trump who is the imposter so shut up he is who he is the American people voted him in. What type of president he will be is something we will see in time if he really sucks and does a horrible job he may be a one term president as I said only time will tell.

Ok it seems Kim Kardashian's chauffeur is off the hook guess what I don't care..........................

ANZAC day celebrations in the Blue Mountains may need to be cancelled due to lack of money for anti-terror security measures. NSW police are meeting with the RSL and council to try to work it out, it would be terrible if ANZAC day was spoilt this is the type of thing that makes many of us thing the terrorists are winning when we have to cancel events.
Another toddler has died from drowning which is terrible, he drowned in a knee deep fish pond in his front yard just another reminded that drownings can happen anywhere in only a little amount of water.
I wouldn't want to be one of the pass angers flying to Bali with Tigerair since the airline cannot fly into Indonesia, Virgin are bringing people stranded in Bali home to Australian and Tigerair say they are working to sort out the problem with Indonesia.
Also Jack Russell-cross had a close encounter with a snake, after it became stuck on her collar.
His owner had no idea how the snake became entangled in the dogs collar on the weekend.
It was stuck, it would not budge, so a trip to the vet was in order and the snake was eventually removed but not before Stella (the dog)was bitten but after a night in doggy hospital she made a full recovery.
Oh yeah scientist have discovered why women gain weight and unable to lose it, now this is shocking news, too much of the wrong foods and we don't exercise enough, would would have thought that too much food high in sugar and fat would lead to weight gain and sitting on ones bum most of the day would lead to a big bum, but scientists have discovered it to be you know.
Also on Sunrise this morning that more people are outsourcing tasks like buying school supplies and treating nits in their child's hair why because they are too busy to do things for their child, damn that sounds like I am a meanie which I am not, I understand that some parents are super busy working and some like a daughter of mine just reckon they don't know what to buy and such so I end up doing it for her.
Ok that is enough dribble for today but before I go one last thing mum is well enough to return home much to her happiness but she is going to have to make some changes she needs to use her walker more often as in all the bloody time mum and my brother and sister want her to get a Webster pack for her and dads medications but she doesn't want to do that so instead she is thinking of doing what I do and make them up once a week herself.

That's me done and dusted, not that I dust, I should but rarely do


  1. Okay, from the bottom up...

    Glad to her Mum's doing better. I had to look up Webster pack to know I have a two-week one myself.

    Outsourcing- the way of the world now, sadly. My mom would never have gotten by being a stay-at home now.

    Amazing what scientists can figure out when they get unlimited funding and no oversight...

    Poor doggie, and prayers for that family- a child is the worst of losses.

    Anzac Day - kind of like how IPFW quit holding summer events because they couldn't handle the insurance.

    You are dead on with Trump, and possibly Kim's chauffeur too as I don't know what he was on the hook for.

    1. He was on the hook for being involved in the theft in Paris but who gives a rats ass, I can't imagine outsourcing I was a pretty hands on mum not as much as Kathy but pretty hands on if only I had pretty hands

  2. I enjoyed your version of the news a lot more than the stuff our tv spews at us each night! :-) I'm glad your Mum is coming home!

    1. Thanks, just things I heard while watching the morning show called "Sunrise". Mum is happy to be home now

  3. The News interesting as we don't always here about all those things happening down here.

    1. You hear a lot of dribble on Sunrise and read some dribble on Yahoo

  4. Glad your mum is home. Getting my mom to use a walker was a challenge. She hated it because it made her look weak...or that's what she said.

  5. So happy to hear about your Mum. On with the healing...

  6. I agree with you that I am not at all interested with anything related to the Kardashians.

    As for Trump, half the country (or slightly less as it turns out) voted for him so everyone is going to have to put up with what ever happens...good or bad.

    Glad to hear that your mum is getting better.


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