Monday, 5 December 2016

Good Morning, how was your weekend, below is how mine was

Good morning all here I am on a somewhat wet Monday morning but it suppose to be another stinking bloody hot day here.

My weekend was pretty good, busy but good, Saturday saw me doing three loads of Natasha's washing that is ok I do not expect her to hang around when I am doing it as a load can take 90 minutes to wash so I picked up the laundry on my way home Saturday and did all the washing for her. She said she needed the clothes done asap as she had no clean underwear well it is done and it is now Monday morning at still she hasn't come and picked it up.

I also went and did a bit of Christmas shopping on Saturday,and Friday and Saturday saw me getting some of my Christmas decorations up and yesterday I added a few more and my house is at last starting to have a Christmas feel to it.

Sunday I had a casserole for lunch all girls were invited only two turned up,yet again Natasha was a no show. At times I feel we only see her when she wants something this happens when she meets a new man everyone else fail to matter, well that is what it feels like to me and others in the family.

My mum hasn't been good last week on the Wednesday she wasn't with it at all, she was falling asleep mid sentence and while driving I had to say mum stay in on the road a few times.

For the next few days Sandra and Dave who see her daily were really worried about her, she was wanting to sleep a lot and did so most of the day, she is at last starting to be ok again. Both dad and Sandy wanted her to go to the hospital but mum couldn't see the point and she didn't feel up to sitting around the waiting room for ages so she wouldn't go. I ended up telling Sandy that if by Saturday she wasn't any better maybe she should make arrangements for mum to go see her doctor but as it turned out she was much better on Saturday.

Mum was telling me last night that she did her block with Landon (he spent Saturday night at her place) she gets up yesterday morning to find that he had taken a bottle of talcum powder and split is everywhere. Ok more like he had opened the bottle and pressed it together and spun around spraying powder all over the room on the walls, floor and over every bloody thing, it was a right bloody mess.

When his mum turned up to see him my mum told her to clean up the mess as she (my mum) wasn't up to doing so.

He also opened a heap of my brothers old Matchbox cars and planes which he had since he was a little boy and were still in their original package but not any more.

Mum was so upset she just wanted to cry.


  1. I can understand your mothers pain there. That was a hard thing to happen. The mess and the opening of your brother's old cars. How old is Landon?

    1. Landon is 4 yrs old and yesterday when I was there I told him I wasn't happy with him he threw is hands up and said "not again" as my sister had also told him she was not happy with him

  2. Hope you mum soon feels better along with Sandra.
    Washing - doesn't it take a long time for 1 load..

  3. Well, I was just telling Trip how our 24 year old is taking total advantage of living at home while going to graduate school and not doing any chores around here....

    1. Oh yeah I can so relate Natasha is 29 and when she was living at home she started to expect me to cook meals and do the washing and many other things

  4. No a very good one from the sounds of it. :(

  5. I'm very sorry for your mum. She lost her mum so recently. I guess Natasha is going commando. I had a lousy weekend.


    1. Yeah mum is improving, Natasha is just being Natasha


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