Saturday, 1 October 2016

Tim's wallet wearing out and I need naps

Good morning it is a lovely Saturday morning here, Tim has gone fishing well I assume that is where he is as he wasn't here when I woke up but that is ok he said he would be going fishing this morning if the weather was nice.

Yesterday we went and did some shopping and I was surprised I said to Tim that at some point I would like a large toaster oven for the van, I showed him they type I wanted and he said ok let's get it now, so we did wasn't going to argue with him. Although a while later I wonder through a bargain shop and picked up one $2 item that I wanted and he said you can use your money to pay this time but then he picked u p a heap of other things so I made him paid. Then I said I was going across the road to a bakery so he said I am off to the car as I am wearing my wallet out opening it all the time.

Last night I had a lovely hot shower, I used the disable shower as I have a problem with my balance and in fact had to sit when I was drying off the shower had a metal bench to use while showering and a plastic chair I was able to use after the shower while I was drying off, I do have a real problem with my balance while showering.

This is our last day here we head home tomorrow but both Tim and myself like the park and area so we have decided to come back her it isn't too far from home and this park pretty close to everything such a shops and beach and fishing spots.

In other news I had a 2hr nap yesterday afternoon and told Tim I think when possible I will need to have a nap during the day, it is all the medication I am taking that makes me so tired and a nap is just what is needed. Although isn't always possible when I have boys to pick up from school but when I can I will have a nap.

Was speaking to mum last night as I always do and she told me that my sister Jeannie said that she has met Tasha's new man and she doesn't like him much he is her daughter's ex's half sister's ex sound confusing. I said I haven't spent any time with him to really know is I like him or not but as mum always says we don't have to like him and if he makes Tash happy then so be it we can't live her life for her.  


CWMartin said...

The vacation sounds great, but the ex's made me oh.

menopausal mama said...

Naps are THE BEST! I got into the habit of taking them last year when I started babysitting my granddaughter every day. She wouldn't nap unless I climbed in next to her. I don't even know who fell asleep first, but she got me into the habit. Here it is a year later and I'm still taking a brief afternoon nap every day---and I feel 100% better because of it.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yeah it is and confusing as hell

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yes I do feel better after a nap, it is all the medication that cause me to be drowsy and in need of a nap

Cheryl said...

I rarely take naps but think that a short nap in the afternoon is a good thing for people.

The ex-thing boyfriend is confusing...but that isn't a good sign if you mother doesn't care for him.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yes the boyfriend thing is confusing and the fact that my sister doesn't like him is just what it is, naps are good when the body is tired and for me that happens more then I would like

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