Friday, 22 July 2016

Tassie Day Two

Here we are at day two in Tassie, still cold and wet we stopped on the way to Hobart to check out a windmill, and then we stopped for food at White Moe Espresso Tim got a hamburger and chips I had the chips he had the burger he said it as really nice. We checked out the old gaol here with a guided tour and we both enjoyed that now we are at the motel for the night the room is nice not as large as the one we had last night but its ok. We went to Woolworths and got a few things and stopped and bought hot chips for tea


  1. Hope the weather improves for you. Still it sounds like you are having some fun.

    1. Hasn't improved, in fact it is colder and wetter but still having a great time

  2. I saw on TV it was snowing near Hobart. Keep warm, good weather for hot chips.

  3. Stay warm. Wish I could send some of this heat your way!



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