Monday, 4 July 2016

A Post About Sickness and Death

Hi all welcome to a Monday update also known as what has been happening in Jo-Anne's little world since Thursday when she last posted. Well Friday saw Blain have the day off school as he was sick on Thursday with a gastro that has been going around and had to be without any symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school. It was only the previous Monday that the school made the news when 120 students were off sick with the gastro.

Friday was also the last day of the school term the boys are off for two weeks now and Jessica has taken Leo away to around the Casino area to visit a friend they left yesterday afternoon and will be home some time on Wednesday and when they are gone I have to bunny sit for her.

Back to Friday I had to get Leo from school but after doing the shopping I didn't feel like going out and getting him so Kathy went and got him out an hour early before she went home. I appreciated that so much. Anyway Friday night Leo was sick with the same bug Blain had but was sicker then Blain who only had a bit of diarrhoea, Leo had diarrhoea and vomiting and felt pretty sick all night but was much better on Saturday.

However, at 2am on Saturday morning I woke up feeling like shit and ended up spending the whole day pretty much in bed sleeping except when I dragged myself out of bed to walk down to vote. Now I must have looked terrible and my balance was awful and both Blain and Leo were fighting I asked if Leo would like to walk down with me and he looked at me and said yes nanna you look like you will need help. He was worried I would fall over or throw up or something, thankfully we hadn't gone far when his mum pulled up and drove me down to the school to vote, I said I would go in but Leo said no I am coming too I want to make sure you are ok and don't fall over. Then when I was waiting in line to get my named marked off I was finding it difficult to stand still and not fall over so Leo was holding my hand and staying close to me.

When I got home from voting I went back to bed, yesterday Sunday was pretty much the same, I felt better but not 100% and still spent most of the day in bed. Last night at 9pm it hit Tim he was up vomiting and with diarrhoea for a bit and has called in sick to work this morning as he still doesn't feel great but he is now where near as sick as I was.

Natasha was also sick last night vomiting and with diarrhoea but is feeling better today not great but well enough to be outside washing her car there was no way I would have been up do doing that over the weekend.

In other news yesterday morning at around 9am I get a phone call from my mum to inform me that my Uncle Ronnie had passed away, Uncle Ronnie is/was mums younger brother he was 74 two years younger then mum. Now when my Aunt Eileen rang mum's Dawson answered the phone and didn't know who it was and all she said was for him to tell nan that Ronnie died, which he did but this naturally shocked mum when he said that some aunt rang to say that Uncle Ronnie died mum said “what Ronnie died” he could tell mum was upset and asked who Uncle Ronnie was and mum said he is my brother. Dawson said if he realised it was her brother he would had gone in and woke her up, I fell Eileen should had told Dawson to go and get his nan so she could speak to her and not relay the news via mum's 17 year old grandson but that is just me.

Now I know many of you are wondering what he died off well we don't really know mum rang Eileen and spoke to her and she thinks his heart just gave out on him he has had a bad heart for many years and has had a couple of heart attacks and has had bypass surgery many years ago and may have had cancer of some kind. This is the second death in the extended family this year, some may say two down one to go and yeah often these things do seem to come in threes.

Now today I am 95% better still have a bit to go before I am fully recovered, I wonder why it has taken me longer to get over the damn gastro bug then the rest of the family. 


CWMartin said...

I'm glad you are feeling better... please don't send the bug through the wires! I have my vacation coming up in a bit, and feeling that sick is not anyway to spend it...

Rita said...

It's awful to be that sick for so long. We've had some awful flus going around over here, too. My guts still haven't been right since I had an awful flu over two months ago. Hope you are well soon! :)

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

No it's not I am at last starting to feel more like me

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I am at last feeling more like me and less like death not that I really know what death feels like since I have never died and people who do die are not around to tell us what death feels like

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