Monday, 25 July 2016

Last Day Of Tassie Holiday

Well our last day in Tassie is coming to an end this morning we drove to Mount Wellington and even though the road was closed and we could only go 4k's up it it was still nice and yes there was snow although it wasn't that cold I didn't get out of the car much as the ground was covered in ice and snow and thought it wouldn't be safe as I am likely to fall over. We then drove back to Hobart stopping to take a couple of photos of something called The Shot Tower and then back to Hobart for lunch at the SoHo hotel which was nice then came back to the motel for the night I haven't said anything to Tim but I am not feeling the best I was starting to feel unsteady and my arm is super aching tonight, ok it has been super aching every night but I think after a few days of it aching so much and feeling so heavy it is starting to get to me


  1. The "achy" is troubling. I hope you are feeling better.

  2. Many years ago we visited Mount Rainier in Washington state during July. We were kind of excited to see the snow. It was pretty on a sunny, pleasant day.


    1. Snow looks so pretty but isn't such when it melts

  3. What does your doctor say?

  4. PLEASE see another doctor if your health system allows a second opinion. That aching you are enduring is terrible and I hope too that you are getting treatment for any anemias. XXOO I wish I could have tagged along on the Tassie trip! Your Country is one I would love to visit.

  5. Maybe the cold weather is making your arm worse. Hope you get it checked out when you get home.



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