Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sunday's Dribble

Hello world, it is now Sunday afternoon here, we had the girls over for lunch thought we were having silverside with veggies, but when we cut the meat it wasn't silverside (corn beef) it was roast beef must have been a pot roast, not that I buy pot roast but must have done. The girls all asked what was written on the package, I don't know it was in the bin and not the laundry bin but the outside bin, so no bloody way I was going looking for it.

Yesterday afternoon Tim sent me a message saying if the boys (Blain & Leo) would like a bus ride with papa and they did, so nanna walked them to the bus stop so we had an hour & half without and children here just me and Natasha who was asleep on the lounge.

Ok I started this post about 3 hours ago, yeah 3 bloody hours ago but had to stop for one thing after another. Anyway Tim and I went out to Bunnings (hardware store) to get some wood Tim is going to construct some kind of bed for Leo to sleep on when he is here. I went along as I wanted to go to Kmart to get school pants for the boys, cost me $65 for 4 pairs of long pants 2 for each boy, shorts for Leo and shoes for Leo. I had already bought school socks for both boys at a cost of $12.

It is now 3pm and Jessica and Leo have just left and only because when Tim and I got home Natasha was annoyed because he wanted her to move her car in order to get the wood out of the boot and in her little temper tantrum she managed to break off one of the hooks I have for key near the front door which made me have a little temper tantrum so Jessica decided it was time to go home. Of course both me and Natasha are over it we spat the dummy and then moved on.

Tim is now on a mission to get the bed made while he is off work for a couple of days, he doesn't go back till Wednesday now, as Tuesday is a public holiday being that it is Australia Day and also Tim's 55th birthday.

I am sitting here eating a Tim Tam and thinking what should I write about and you know I am coming up with nothing but the Tim Tam is nice I am right into them at the moment, If you don't know a Tim Tam is a chocolate biscuit but not just a chocolate biscuit it is the best damn chocolate biscuit. There a many types of Tim Tam's but I prefer the original it is the best I think.

So because I can't think of anything to write about I am just going to post this dribble


Margaret-whiteangel said...

Spat the dummy day and over it. That's the way, move on.
Happy Birthday to Tim, hope he has a good one.
I hate Bunnings, I only go if I have to.
School clothes are expensive, I know the youngest son with two of his little ones going to school costs heaps.

Bouncin Barb said...

Is there ever a quiet calm day without drama in your world? You deserve a week at a resort alone!!

CWMartin said...

So once again you made me look stuff up. A Tim Tam= a Kit Kat approximately and I get to add spat the dummy to my list of Australian phrases you all have taught me.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Oh yeah I don't really like Bunnings, it is so large and often not air conditioned.

I think it is wrong that you can often buy school clothes from the school

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yeah there are some calm days but they are usually few and far between.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Well it is good to learn some things, and have to say Tim Tams are the best chocolate biscuit ever

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