Monday, 18 January 2016

Fun Day Monday, Ok Not So Fun, Kind Of Boring

Hi everyone, it is now Monday and I have hardly looked at the computer since Thursday just been one thing after another.

Anyway here I am today I spent the morning reading some blogs as well as taking Natasha to Charlie to hand in forms to the Dept. of Housing, she has reapplied for public housing we got to the office just after 9am and left around 10.30am most of the time was spent waiting. After giving up the place she had in Windale the client service officer sent out new forms along with a hand written not that said that Natasha would be treated as high priority as she left under duress.

Now I am home alone for a few hours as Natasha and Tim are both at work and Blain is at his dad's place so all good, as everyone knows how I like to be home alone.

My weekend was spent mostly at home doing nothing much, this is mostly due to the weather as it rained pretty much the whole weekend. I did go out to return some pants to Kmart and looked for another pair of black leggings which thankfully I found at Target for only $8. I find that Friday's are too busy with things like going to the chemist and going to Woolworths and Coles doing food type shopping so any other shopping I want to do I now do on Saturday morning.

On Sunday Kathy and Summer along with Jessica and Leo came over for lunch but it wasn't a good day as Natasha was annoyed with Kathy about something and when Natasha is annoyed she has this tone. Well Kathy didn't like Natasha talking to her with that tone and they ended up getting into it and then Kathy and Summer left and yes Kathy was really pissed off with her sister.

I, however, didn't want to get involved, I understood why Natasha was annoyed and I understood why Kathy was upset with the tone that Natasha took with her, but all in all I didn't want to get involved. That said I was upset and I was unable to eat much as I was upset about the girls fighting.


Margaret-whiteangel said...

The daughters will eventually get over it. You are wise not to get involved. Silence is golden at times..

CWMartin said...

The Kids-Fighting diet... you have the potential to lose a lot with that family, lol!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

So true

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

That I do

Rick Watson said...

It's a good thing you didn't live where I lived growing up. If I EVER said I'm bored, my mama would find something for me to paint the outhouse, rake the yard, scrub the porch, etc. So that word was stricken from my vocabulary :)

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