Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Happy Birthday To The Love Of My Life

On this day back in 1961 it was a Thursday I believe a baby boy was born at 11.20am he weighed 6lb 3oz and was 17.5inches long. He was born at Parramatta the second child of Ron & Betty, he has one older brother and two younger brothers and a younger sister, around the age of 17 his parents divorced and his father moved to Newcastle and took up with another woman Denise and had 3 more children with her, two girls and a boy.

I wish I could tell you that he had a great childhood but often I get the impression he didn't, he has told me that his father blamed him for everything and would belt him so bad he left marks on his legs and bottom.

He left school at 14 & 9 months of age getting his first job in nursery think plants not babies, just saying he had that job I think for 18 months then he got another job with company that made annexes for caravans, tarps for trucks, and those types of things, he was a cutter and fitter.

At the age of 21 he moved from Sydney to Newcastle where he got another job with canvas company and became a canvas machinist, he was very good at this type of work, he worked for that company for only a short period of time before getting another job with the same type of company a job he had for either 10 or 12yrs.

While he was on long service leave from that job he tried his hand at driving high cars this was a job he had for about 4yrs, then he decide he wanted to drive buses which he did for 4yrs then he decided he would become a truck driver this he did for about 4yrs then he went back to driving buses, this job he still has, and for the most part he loves his job.

He told me that from a pretty young age he knew the woman for him was not in Sydney and in fact about 12-18 months after moving to Newcastle he met me, after only 3 months together he decided to arrange our engagement party, no he had not asked me to marry him, he says he just knew I would.

So this morning we went over to my parents place for breakfast, his mother in-law likes to make a fuss over him, since just before we married he took to calling my parents mum & dad and still does.

So if you haven't already guessed I am of course talking about Tim, the love of my life, my pain in he neck, the man I want to grow old with. I was going to do this post in Tim's favourite colour but he doesn't have one, when we first met it was brown but now days he doesn't have a favourite colour 


  1. Awww! Sweet! Happy birthday to Tim. :)

  2. Truly, Happy Birthday to your love, Tim. He should have and I hope he does have the happiest of days. He deserves it. You two belong together. Glad to give my sincere good wishes. xo

  3. Katie wishes you a Happy Birthday too.

  4. What a wonderful bio! Wonder if I could get someone to do one on me... Happy birthday, Tim!

  5. Happy Birthday Tim.
    Was easy to get jobs back then , go from one to another - how things have changed.

    1. Yes I know Tim has only ever been out of work for a month the whole time I have known him

  6. Happy Birthday Tim. You are a lucky man to have Jo-Anne!

  7. Aw! Happy Birthday to Tim! What a sweet tribute! LOL And I agree with what Bouncin Barb said! dittos!



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